7-Eleven Taiwan has teamed up with French cookware Le Creuset to roll out a set of cutlery and homeware collection for its latest redemption programme. Starting December 31st, the colourful sets will be available in limited quantity at 150 participating 7-Eleven stores across Taiwan.


Premium French cookware manufacturer Le Creuset is famous for its cast iron and stainless cookware, bakeware, pots, pans and kitchen and bar tools. Its products have become increasingly popular with young women in Taiwan and Hong Kong, which also launched a similar redemption programme in April 2016.

To redeem, buyers will need to collect five stamps at the 7-Eleven outlets. A minimum spending of  TWD 79 (about S$3.55) will earn you 1 stamp, with an additional 1 stamp for every TWD 39 (about S$1.55) thereafter.

Here are the items you can get your hands on at Taiwan’s 7-Eleven stores:  

Microwavable Lunchboxes

le creuset x 7-11 Taiwan - order via travellers


These Le Creuset lunchboxes are not only convenient to pack your clean-eating meal or your grandmother’s home-cooked food, they are also highly durable. They have a capacity of 650ml and can withstand temperatures of up to 100°C. The multi-layered box allows you to separate your proteins from your vegetables, and comes in four vibrant colours.

Available for redemption at TWD 99 (about S$4.50) with 5 stamps.


le creuset x 7-11 Taiwan - order via travellers  le creuset x 7-Eleven Taiwan - order via travellersle creuset x 7-11 Taiwan - order via travellers

The Le Creuset range of cutlery features four utensils in eight designs. The fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks comes with their own unique matching cover which are mini versions of Le Creuset kitchenware. They can also be used as a rest! You’re not going to find this adorable collection anywhere else.

Available for redemption at TWD 79 (about S$3.50) with 5 stamps.


le creuset x 7-Eleven Taiwan - order via travellers


le creuset x 7-Eleven Taiwan

These are multi-functional as a placemat or as a holder for your cutlery. It rolls out into a 43cm by 29 cm placemat, but also has pockets at the corner to slot your utensils in. You can then wrap them for easy transport. They come in four colours!

Available for redemption at TWD 99 (about S$4.50) with 5 stamps.


le creuset x 7-Eleven Taiwan le creuset x 7-Eleven Taiwan - buy via travellers


These large coolers are PEVA liner insulated, and are heavy duty. The 36cm by 21.5cm by 24cm tub can withstand 15kg worth of contents. Perfect for that large picnic party! The coolers are released in a limited quantity of 60,000 sets, and are selling out very quickly — so hurry!

Available for redemption at TWD 399 (about S$17.80) with 5 stamps.

For more information Le Creuset x 7-Eleven, read: https://www.7-11.com.tw/event1/2016lecreuset/spot.html

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Posted by 7-ELEVEN on Friday, 30 December 2016

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