Bothered by sensitive and irritated skin? Looking for safe and effective skin-care products?
Fret no more! MEDICUBE could be the skin care solution that you have been looking for!

MEDICUBE is a professional, reliable and leading cosmetic brand in Korea. Using only the safest formulas, every product is clinically tested to solve skin problems. Koreans have always been well known for looking fabulous with their flawless skin and it is evidently displayed in famous Korean dramas and movies. However, with countless renowned cosmetics brands to choose from, it would be extremely tough to pick an ideal brand or product that suit your needs.

MEDICUBE offers a range of  products that caters to your different needs in your cosmetic care regime. We promise that you would be impressed after looking at some of their products below!


 1. MEDICUBE Zero Pore Pad – $37


The only thing standing in your way from your desired smooth skin is this gem from MEDICUBE Zero Product line.
Containing 70 sheets of pore pads inside, MEDICUBE Zero Pore Pad is a clinically approved toner pad which will gently tighten your pores while removing dead skin cells, sebum and skin waste.

With Salicylic Acid and Betaine Salicylate as one of their key ingredients, it is no wonder this is one of MEDICUBE’s best selling product.
What’s good about these ingredients are that they are  anti-inflammatory and mildly antibacterial. Acting as exfoliants, they will soften and dissolve keratin found under our skin which causes cells to stick together and this makes dead skin cells falls off the skin’s surface easier. Furthermore, they are also oil-soluble, allowing it to penetrate deep into the sebum-filled pores to exfoliate the pore lining. This process loosens any clog pores which allow oil to flow out more freely.

Check out the video below to see how users are benefiting from it!



2. MEDICUBE Red Body Bar – $28


Acne (a common enemy of most teenagers and even many adults) is a disease which affects the skin’s oil glands and it is formed when pores on your skin becomes clogged with oil, dead skin or bacteria. Apart from having it on your face, some may have it on their back and shoulders as well.
For females, back acne could be a real confidence killer if you love wearing back-revealing dresses!

MEDICUBE Red Body Bar has been proven to help many troubled individuals with back acne problems in restoring their confidence. Containing botanical derived ingredients such as tea tree oil, red bean and basil, it soothes the skin while gently removing skin waste on the back and chest area.

Taken from a real review of a MEDICUBE Red Body Bar customer,  below demonstrates the significant effects of the Body Bar on back acne after 3 weeks of usage.

3. MEDICUBE Red Concealer (SPF30/PA++) – $28


Using a top-notch concealer is the key in achieving a flawless appearing makeup application. The best concealers should also not block up pores in the application of makeup. MEDICUBE Red Concealer is this top-notch concealer that can help you to create a velvety skin texture with high and long-lasting coverage of the face. Because of its non-comedogenic properties, it does not block up your pores nor trigger acne.

The key ingredients in this product is Squalane and Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract. These ingredients are naturally derived and it helps to hydrate the skin while keeping it moisturized and vitalized. Furthermore the small and compact design makes it easy to carry it around everywhere you go.

Before and after using the MEDICUBE Red Concealer



4. MEDICUBE Red Foam Cleanser (120ml) – $30


Unlike most traditional facial cleanser, the MEDICUBE Red Foam Cleanser contains cosmeceutical (medicinal) properties which is highly effective for removing pore clogging skin wastes while preventing acne development. It is extremely suitable for people with acne and sensitive skin as it reacts mildly on skin, and leaves it feeling clean and healthy.

Below is an example of Beauty Blogger Sujinkong’s experience with the product citing how she can very much see improvements with the product.


5. MEDICUBE Red Erasing Cream (50g) – $40

If you are suffering from uneven and discoloured skin tones, this could be the product you need. In recent years, many people are very concerned with uneven facial skin tones and fear that such discoloration is irreversible. However MEDICUBE’s clinically tested brightening products have seemed to debunk this myth.

MEDICUBE Red Erasing Cream is effective for lightening freckles and discoloration. It also helps to strengthen skin’s surface which prevents wrinkles as well as lightly exfoliating sensitive skin. Look at the quick and effective results of 3 skin specimens after 2 weeks of using this product.


MEDICUBE has changed the lives of many individuals in Korea who are plagued with skin concerns and problems. If you are one of those looking to solve your skin problem once and for all, you can start pre-ordering these products from Airfrov’s Super Traveller CST27.

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