South Korean television drama Goblin has got the girls swooning again with the favourite Goblin Couple! If you’ve already caught Episode 5 of the show, you might remember the shopping scene at MINISO. Coincidence? I think not. MINISO has put on their shelves in Korea several products that were featured on the show, and I believe they’ll interest that Goblin fan in you!
(There’s something available in MINISO’s Singapore outlets too!)

Recognise this cute little fella?

goblin boglegel scene minisosource

“Mr Buckwheat” was bought off the store of MINISO, and he’s been making appearances in the show several times after. With a face like this, it’s no wonder why!

After their previous collaboration with TV series Descendants of the Sun, Korean brand Bonicrew has now produced a new line of plush toys for TV series Goblin.

Presenting to you Bonicrew’s BOGLE FAMILY:

goblin miniso bonicrew boglegel plush toy

(aka Mr Buckwheat)
24,000KRW (S$28)

goblin miniso bonicrew poipot plush toy

12,000KRW (S$14)

goblin miniso bonicrew blue boglegel plush toy

24,000KRW (S$28)

goblin miniso bonicrew blackhug plush toy

24,000KRW (S$28)

goblin miniso bonicrew tricat plush toy

24,000KRW (S$28)

How else can you summon your guardian without candles and flames? Looks like MINISO has got that all figured out for you. Recreate those romantic Goblin Couple scenes with these 2S candles and matchsticks!


goblin 2s candles floor scene

goblin 2s candles

goblin 2s matchsticks2S Candles and Matchsticks
Candle: 58,000KRW (S$69.50)
Matchsticks: 3,000KRW (S$3.60)

Never knew how important a little flame could be till you watched this show eh?
That said, if you can’t help but try blowing out a flame or two to summon your Guardian, remember to do so safely!

I think we can agree that a floating tray is kind of creepy, but you got to admit that the following scene really couldn’t get any sweeter. Did you see the bottle with a special written message on that floating tray? Looks like mortals like you and I can now do this as well!

goblin you are my sunshine water bottle
You Are My Sunshine Bottle
3,900KRW (S$4.70)
(Psst, my guardian told me that these bottles can also be found in Singapore outlets!)

goblin white musk body shopsource

Goblin white musk Body Shopsource

As our handsome Goblin said in the show,
“It won’t make you immortal, but it will make you smell nice for a while.”
I’ll take that chance to become immortal, please! If that doesn’t work out, well… At least I’d smell good.

Remember this beautiful necklace Eun Tak saw at the jewellery vendor the first time she went to Canada? (In case you haven’t already caught episode 10 of the show, don’t worry because I’m not going to spoil anything for you here.) Well, just know that she got that necklace in the end. 😉

stylus jewellery goblin necklacesource

Stylus Jewellery Destin Necklace
109,000KRW (S$131)

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airfrov process flow how it works

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