You might have noticed a certain brand of instant noodles floating round the Internet recently… It’s not Korean, it’s not Japanese — here, take a hint — Taiwanese celebrity Shu Qi has even featured them on her personal Instagram, and The Straits Times even took the liberty of conducting a taste test on these noodles that shot to fame overnight. Any clue?

We’ll spare you the misery of guessing if you’ve yet to get acquainted with KiKi Noodles, a Taiwanese brand of instant noodles that’s been a huge sell-out in cosmopolitan cities like Taiwan and Hong Kong. We know what’s on your mind already — how different can instant noodles be, right? Well, here’s the deal. If you’re constantly feeling guilty after gulping down bowl after bowl of MSG-laden soup broths, with the conscious knowledge that the noodles you’re eating are coated in a layer of wax… then we have just the thing for you — the healthier option of KiKi Noodles.

Ahead, some interesting facts about these noodles, just in case you need that final push:

1. KiKi Noodles are made by hand

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Yup, none of that mass-produced nonsense. Each pack of artisanal KiKi Noodles go through the meticulous process of the makers’ skill; they are made with flour and water, cut into thin strands, then left out to dry on bamboo poles in the sun. The strands are flipped ever two hours to ensure that both sides are evenly dried.

2. Absolutely zero preservatives

The natural drying process meant that these noodles, unlike your typical store bought ones, have no salt, stabilisers and preservatives added.


3. Restaurant-quality noodles in the comforts of your home

These sun-dried noodles earned their hallmark of fame due to the springy, QQ bite that comes with every pack. Yuan Guang Quan, the founder of KiKi Restaurant actually tried over 100 types of noodles before settling down on these heritage noodles with roots from Tainan.


4. Only two (kick-ass) flavours are available

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It’s as they say, the original is always the best. KiKi Noodles makes only two of their star flavours, and they focus on making them absolutely kick-ass. Take your pick from Scallion Oil or Sichuan Pepper, both of which are equally beautiful on the tastebuds.

A typical 6-pack order of KiKi Noodles retail for NT220 ($9.90) in Taiwan. Each pack goes for $13.90 in Singapore, distributed by KiKi Fine Goods Singapore, but they’re OOS (what else can you expect?). Save yourself the trouble of fighting with the crowd by getting your noodles via Airfrov!

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