Premium skin care brand, Kiehl’s collaborated with Kakao Friends to launch a special collection featuring your favourite skin care products. The highlights of the Kiehl’s X Kakao Friends collection would be the 3 New York themed skin care sets and it looks like Neo and Frodo are in love!

Kiehl's X Kakao Friends

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Kiehl's X Kakao Friends Skin Care Products

1. Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash, 230ml – ₩39,000 (S$55)

2. Calendula Herbal Extract Toner, 250ml – ₩59,000 (S$80)

3. Ultra Facial Cream, 28ml – ₩27,000 (S$40) | 50ml – ₩39,000 (S$55) | 125ml – ₩75,000 (S$100)

4. Ultra Facial Moisturiser, 250ml – ₩59,000 (S$80)

5. Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, 75ml – ₩21,000 (S$32) | 150ml – ₩35,000 (S$50)

6. Lip Balm (original/cranberry/mint/pear), 250ml – ₩12,000 (S$20)

7. Butterstick Lip Treatment (available in 5 different colours), 4g – ₩25,000 (S$36)

Kiehl's X Kakao Friends Scene #1: New York Trip


Scene #1: New York Trip – ₩50,000 (S$75)

Kiehl's X Kakao Friends Scene #2: New York Date

Scene #2: New York Date – ₩64,000 (S$90)
(Butterstick lip treatment available in 5 colours)

Kiehl's X Kakao Friends Scene #3: Propose

Scene #3: Propose – ₩24,000 (S$36)

(Image sources: Kiehl’s)

The Kiehl’s X Kakao Friends collection is available for sale in South Korea for a limited time only. There’s no time to lose so post a request before stocks run out!

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