As excited as we are to catch Jurassic World, the forth instalment of the Jurassic Park film series, a picture of one of the coolest-popcorn-combo-we-have-ever-seen has emerged online! Just imagine grabbing a bunch of popcorn from this dinosaur egg-shaped bucket and taking a sip of coke in between the jaw dropping scenes from a cool black mug. We wished theatres in Singapore would carry this to complete our movie experience!


popcorn set
Image source: Unofficial Jurassic World

It’s shared by movie-goers that this Jurassic World Egg-shaped popcorn bucket is only available in Thailand’s cinema.

We seem to have found it!

This Combo can be found at Major Cineplex Thailand. Priced at $325 baht, this special bucket set includes one large 100 oz popcorn and 1 44oz soft drink.

Image Source: Major Cineplex


We share the same sentiments as all Jurassic World fans

You can have the popcorn, will you please let me have the egg?

Get them via our travellers before they are fully sold out!

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