JuJube: Functional, Fashionable Diaper bag Singapore
I’m nowhere near to being a parent, so I never had to worry about how to go out in style with a diaper bag. If you’ve just became a parent(congratulations!) but is troubled by the lack of fashionable diaper bags in Singapore, you just don’t know where to find the glam bags, yet.

Recently, Airfrov has received multiple requests for “Jujube” bag with cartoon prints from Malaysia and Australia. I can’t help but wonder what’s so fascinating about the bags? Now that I’ve done my research, I just HAVE TO share this “red-carpet-ready” life saver with moms & dads out there.

JuJube specialises in diaper bags (that doesn’t look like diaper bags) for parents. They are super spacious, machine-washable, and comes with tons of compartments. Depending on the style of bag you choose, you can find insulated pockets for water bottles, cell phone pocket, diaper pockets and many more. Some of the designs also comes with detachable/adjustable straps which allows you to change from tote bag to messenger style.

Jujube fashionable diaper bag

Jujube fashionable diaper bag

Jujube bags are not just functional, they are irresistibly stylish when it comes to design. They offer a wide range of prints that will please all mom-style.
You can go for the cute prints:

Jujube fashionable diaper bag

or the classy, elegant stripes, basic or polka dots :

Jujube fashionable diaper bag


There’s a whole load more designs available on their website, check them out here.

Now.. I’m sure you’re gonna ask, how much does this wonder bag costs and how can I get it?
You can find a great selection of Jujube bags on their official U.S store or online retailers in Australia and Singapore. However, note that there’s a significant price difference.

Take for example the Jujube Fuel Cell – The Queen of Nile:

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 10.34.42 pm
U.S Store: USD $30  (SGD $42)
Aust Retailer: AUD $39.90 (SGD 39.95)
Singapore Retailer: SGD $50

There you go, you can save approximately  20% off by purchasing from the Australian store. This is why there’s a flock of request for Jujube fashionable diaper bag by the Airfrov community. Even if you’re not travelling to Australia, you can put up a request for Airfrov travellers to help you bring it back. The hot favourites on Airfrov are “Be Light The King Court” & “Fuel Cell The King Court”. Check out the requests here:

jujube fashionable diaper bag

If you would like to copy any of the requests, simply click on the “+” button.

I hope this recommendation will benefit all parents out there who are struggling to bring your toddlers and barang barang out. Go on, order the bag and see the difference it makes!

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Image credits: thewisebaby, jujube