J Soop’s Bio-Piel range from Korea have quickly become a must have product for anyone suffering from acne, be it on the body or on the face. The new range from Bio-Piel includes the Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion and the Bio-Piel Barrier cream for the face.

Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion

It’s the combination of 3 breakthrough ingredients that give the Bio-Piel Petit ATO Body Lotion (400ml) its features of being able to not only keep the skin hydrated, but to also provide the largest organ in our body with a soothing effect.

The formula contains Cypress Oil, extracted from the Coniferous tree which contains a range of powerful benefits with its ability to relieve anxiety, fight infections, aid the respiratory system, and to kill bacteria from the skin.

It’s this ability to kill the bacteria on the skin that makes it a core ingredient incorporated by J Soop’s Body Lotion product in order to fight the effects of body acne, and to provide an intensive soothing solution for irritable skin. In addition, the formula also contains a combination of Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body that helps to maintain the skin’s moisture and elasticity, as well as Ceramide, a lipid molecule that forms a protective layer on the skin.

The texture of the lotion is primarily a creamy and light one, and unlike many other body lotions, it gets absorbed extremely fast, without the stickiness.

The effects of the lotion can be seen vividly with the example above, with the results effectively treating and clearing up a moderate/severe case of back acne.

Usage: Advised to use it immediately after bathing, towel dry and apply it to the body to let it be absorbed.

Bio-Piel Barrier Cream

Bio-Piel Barrier Cream

Bio Piel Barrier Cream, to be used on the face is the second product in their effective range, looking to soothe and protect sensitive skin. The key ingredient this time is one more least expected, with eggplant extract combined with Lupeol Ceramide helping to moisturise and keep the skin fresh.

The Egg Plant formula works effectively on the face by creating a moisture protective film enhancing the skin barrier preventing the evaporation of water.

Usage: Consistent application on the effective area.

Both products in the J Soop range have been getting rave reviews in treating dry and sensitive skin. If this sounds like your skin type then the natural and high quality ingredients found in both the body lotion and facial barrier may be something that you need!

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