As per tradition, Jo Malone London is back with a limited edition cherry blossom series! Released in conjunction with the sakura season, this year’s Jo Malone Blossom Girls comes in 3 floral scents: Sakura Cherry Blossom, Plum Blossom and Nashi Blossom.

jo malone blossom girls

These scents are not brand new as they have been launched before during the spring season in previous years. However, the Jo Malone cherry blossom series are traditionally very limited and gets wiped out very quickly once they are launched.

What’s new is that compared to the previous years, the Blossom Girls series also speaks to a more youthful audience with its vibrant colours and packaging design.

Jo Malone Blossom Girls Collection: Sakura Cherry Blossom Cologne

jo malone blossom girls

The Sakura Cherry Blossom cologne is composed of cherry blossom in layers with a hint of citrus.


Jo Malone Blossom Girls Collection: Plum Blossom Cologne

jo malone blossom girls

The Plum Blossom Cologne features plum blossom, sandalwood and musk for a fresh and pleasant scent. The fruitiness of plum and sweet floral tones are the perfect combination to wear out in the day!

Jo Malone Blossom Girls Collection: Nashi Blossom Cologne

jo malone blossom girls

The Nashi Blossom Cologne has a lemony top note with sweet pear and apple aroma. Softened by the atmosphere of rose and white musk, this fragrance is perfect for spring and gives off a playful and radiant vibe.

The Blossom Girls series is available in Singapore BUT only at Changi Airport Shilla Duty Free and retailing at a hefty price of $194. With Airfrov, you can save up to $40 by joining the Jo Malone Blossom Girls pre-order!

jo malone blossom girls