Pastel lip and cheek colours & dainty silver packaging are the signature representatives of Jill Stuart cosmetics line. Retailing in Hong Kong, Taiwan & Japan, Jill Stuart is a hot favourite among ladies who are going for the sweet, romantic look. The theme of this year’s Jill Stuart’s Spring collection “Spring Snowy Pastel” promises the flushed, innocent makeup look. Check out the range of pastel colours of spring to your eyes, lips & cheeks:

jill stuart's spring collection

Rouge My Dress: 4 limited edition colors, HK$ 210 each
Neon Pastel Nails: 10mL, 4 limited edition colors, HK$120 each

jill stuart's spring collection 2016

Shimmer Couture Eyes: 4 colors x 5 types & 1 limited edition HK$380
Mix Blush Compact More Colors: 6 colors x 2 limited editions HK$300


jill stuart spring collection 2016


Forever Juicy Oil Rouge: 10mL, 3 colors / 1 limited edition color HK$210
Spring Snow Nails: 10mL, 7 limited edition colors HK$120
Lip Blossom: 2 colors, 1 limited edition HK$210


Besides the Spring collection that was launched in January 2016, Jill Stuart is adding a new limited edition collection, promising you translucent skin that “sparkles like crystal and brings you a heightened feeling of innocence.” This new collection will be available in stores from March 1, 2016 at SOGO Causeway Bay & SOGO Tsim Sha Tsui counter, and will be available at all other counters in Hong Kong from 8 March.

jill stuart's spring collection 2016

Crystal lucent face powder: HK$340 each SPF20/PA++
5 colours on each palette, with 3 different types to choose from: A natural beige that blends perfectly into your skin (non-pearl), a lucent Cold pastel color that draw out translucency (non-pearl), and a limited edition pure pink pastel color. This face powder is created using white & a combination of the three primary colours of light (red, green and blue), with a perfectly pitched pink nuance to create a natural finish that appears to emit light from within.

“The highly translucent powder will take in and reflect light across your skin, making it appear so bright, as though glowing from within.”


jill stuart's spring collection 2016
L: Airy tint watery CC cream34g 2 colors 3, HK$220 each SPF30/PA+++
R: Lasting tint control base30mL 3 colors, HK$210 each SPF35/PA+++
A stark difference from the usual silver hardware, this series of CC Cream & makeup base comes with a new touch of floral prints on pastel colours. Pastel pink may be your preferred colour but the choice of colours are not just for the superficial. The pink is meant for those seeking a natural flushed tone, beige/natural for discolouration concerns, and green for those with dull skin.

Jill Stuart cosmetics can be found in major departmental stores in Kong Kong, Taiwan & Japan.
Check out the shop listing here.

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