Ah, Japan. The land that sees thousands of tourists visiting it just to have piping hot ramen noodles by the roadside, the land where the Internet deems as the maker of some of the craziest innovations… basically, Japan is amazing, no doubt. We all know and love the country for its mind-glowingly delicious food, for how polite and hardworking the culture is, but what hasn’t been mentioned much about Japan is its beauty scene. Korean makeup seems to state the reigning position when it comes to Asian beauty, but trust us on this — Japan is not losing out too.

If you’ve ever had a chance to step into a Japanese drugstore, you’ll know what we mean. Aisles are packed chockfull of beauty products, from sunscreen to collagen drinks. It’s crazy, but we’ve managed to narrow down 10 of the most sought-after Japanese beauty products that are cult-level, loved by people from all walks of life.

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1. FlowFushi Mote Liner (¥1,500)

Japanese Beauty Products: FlowFushi Mote Liner

Because of the way most Asian eyes are shaped, certain eyeliners from Western brands might not cut it, be it because of the engineering of brushes and/or eyeliner formula. The Mote Liner won rave reviews because of how the product is specially designed for precise drawing of sharp wings. And the secret lies in the brush tip itself — it’s made of four different types of hairs so that users are treated to a balanced brush texture when perfecting their eyeliner.

2. Auver Eyelash Growth Enhancer (¥1,890)

For those who weren’t born with naturally long and thick eyelashes, this amazing eyelash growth serum is truly a godsend. Whether you want to achieve longer or fuller eyelashes, the Auver Eyelash Growth Enhancer has your back to strengthen and give more volume to your eyelashes.

3. Kanebo Suisai Enzyme Face Wash Powder – (¥2,426)

Japanese Beauty Products: Kanebo Suisai Enzyme Face Wash Powder

These nifty little sealed tubs contain a single use of exfoliating powder that is enzyme-activated, and lathers up when in contact with water. They’re perfect for travelling, if you’re not the kind to lug around bottles of facial cleansers. The powder gently rids your skin of any dirt and gunk that is clogging your pores for smooth skin. Each box comes with 32 little capsules, enough to last you a good couple of months!

4. Kose Lip Gel Magic – (¥2,500)

Japanese Beauty Products: Kose Lip Gel Magic

We’ve previously introduced the Kose Lip Gel to folks who abhor leaving lipstick stains around whenever they consume food — and it became such a hit on Airfrov; we knew we had to include it in our Japanese drugstore beauty product roundup. This gel essentially creates a semi-glossy foil over your lipstick that stops it from transferring to surfaces, even when you eat. It’s won tons of positive feedback from users, so that ought to say something about the lip gel’s effectiveness.

5. Lululun Face Mask (¥1,500)

Japanese Beauty Products: Lululun Face Mask

So, if you’re a sheet mask addict (like me) you should know the rule of thumb when it comes to masking: You do not mask more than twice a week. The reason behind it is because you don’t want to over-pamper your skin with huge injections of moisture; it’s going to become complacent and you’ll soon need to provide it with heavy amounts of hydration as the “norm”. The Lululun Face Masks, on the other hand, breaks that rule entirely. You’re supposed to use it every day, (yes, every single day!) and throughout the week the masks are going to work their magic on your skin. These are specially formulated for everyday use, so no worries about the whole skin-dehydration concern.

6. Ettusais Lip Essence (¥1,296)

For someone who wears matte lipsticks every single day, yes, every day, I do like to invest in quality lip balms that really moisturise and soften my puckers so that they are prepped for the next day’s task of making my lipstick look good. This lip essence from Ettusais looks pretty unassuming, but don’t underestimate how hydrating it is. The balm stays and doesn’t end up drying your lips. What’s more, the SPF 18++ protects from UV rays and promotes blood circulation and will give you pink healthy, glossy and softening lips after application.

7. Majolica Majorca Lash Products (¥1,296)

Japanese Beauty Products: Majolica Majorca Lash Products

Notice how we mentioned “lash products” instead of just one specific breakthrough item? That’s really because we can’t exactly pick a favourite from the lash range from Majolica Majorca. It’s a sad day when Shisedo pulled their subsidiary brand out of the country, especially when their products work particularly well with us. Products from the brand are made specifically for Asian eyes, which is why they work particularly well on Asian lashes. Go for the lash primers, if you are looking to extend your lashes without making them droop  — or take the mascara route, to increase volume and length. Or really, just take everything. You’ll thank us later.

8. Rhoto Lycée Eye Drops (¥735)

Japanese Beauty Products: Rhoto Lycée Eye Drops

Ladies, listen up! The Lycée Eye Drops are specially formulated for women, for brighter and clearer eyes. These drops instantly whiten eyeballs, making eye makeup pop even more. I mean, the prettiest of eye looks won’t look good when your eyes are dull to begin with, yes? Pop these on when you feel like your eyes need a quick pick-me-up.

9. K-Palette Japan 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Lip Tint (¥1,200)

Japanese Beauty Products: K-Palette Lip Tint

Japanese Beauty Products: K-Palette Lip Tint

Coming from the same brand that made the 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint a huge hit, you wouldn’t expect anything less from their other cult product, the Lasting Lip Tint. The tint works just like any other lip product. It has a doe-foot applicator that you apply product with. Vivid colours fade off beautifully to an ombre finish at the end of the day, and the colour will not flake off, even without touch ups, or through hearty meals.

10. ettusais BB Mineral Cream (¥1,800) and Mineral Powder (¥1,800)

Japanese Beauty Products: ettusais BB Mineral Cream and Powder

Yet another brand that has left the shores of Singapore… but nonetheless, still a classic hit in its home country, Japan. The BB Mineral Cream itself is formulated with 79% skincare ingredients, so you can be sure that it’s going to pamper your skin while making it look (and feel) soft, like a baby’s one. Just like how they advertised the series! The Mineral Powder makes for great finishing step to completely smoothen any rough edges, and sealing everything in for a flawless face the entire day.

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