Okay, so… as much as we love our many eyeshadow palettes, who really has the dedication to lug around a whole 36-colour set around? Together with the multiple eyeshadow blending brushes? Not us, no thank you. We gawk and marvel at those, get our hands on them, and they find better homes sitting pretty on our vanities than at the risk of getting shattered when strewn around in our everyday bags. What we do bring with us in our purses though, are instead travel-sized minis that only take up the most necessary of space.

Bonus if they can double up as multi-tasking tools, too.

And that’s exactly what Japanese brand INTEGRATE has in store for us!

Integrate Makeup - INTEGRATE Petit Crayon Eyeshadow Mini Set

Two eyeshadow colours, all stored in a nifty pen-like model that makes for incredibly convenient travel makeup. It’s like playing Lego, you stack up the colours that you are wearing for the day, pop on the lid and slip the entire thing into your purse. Each mini part comes with a petite eyeshadow colour that you can mix and match.

There are two colour combinations at the moment, so that means four different colours for your eyes. There’s a pastel blue, a pearly white, a terracotta brown and a champagne shade. These are beautiful basic hues that’ll make your eyes pop, and more fun when you can further customise them. Bring just one colour out, or two, or three, or all four. These eyeshadows have a pearlescent shimmer finish, so you can glide the crayon over your lids for a pop of colour and shine.

Integrate Makeup - INTEGRATE Volume Balm Lip N Mini Set

The same concept goes for the lip colours. You can choose to stack up to four lip colours, or really, just bring a single mini part along with a cap. Think of all those space that you could save! Plus, that’s not all. Should you want to merge both eyeshadows and lip colour into a single product, you can do that too. Simply click on the eyeshadows, then put on the lipstick, and finish off by capping the top product.

And there you have it — the most convenient on-the-go makeup!

Here are some combinations that you can consider:

Integrate Makeup - Combinations


And don’t forget to check out the recommended looks you can have with INTEGRATE makeup:

Integrate Makeup - Recommendations Integrate Makeup - Recommendations Integrate Makeup - Recommendations Integrate Makeup - Recommendations

(Image sources: INTEGRATE Japan)

The Petit Crayon Eyeshadow Mini Set and Volume Balm Lip N Mini Set both retail for 540 yen each. Put up a request on Airfrov so that travellers can bring your INTEGRATE makeup back for you!

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