New year, new you… and new beauty inventions. Hands up, beauty hunters — when we’re not spending our last lingering pennies on latest launches, we’re probably on the prowl for the quirkiest, most jaw-dropping beauty creations that are out in the market.

I mean, nothing thrills our inner beauty investigators more than knowing that there’s a gloss that will not let our lipsticks smudge at all, machine that could clean and dry brushes in 30 seconds flat (god bless), and foundation sponges that… don’t absorb any product at all.

So sit back and hold on tight, for we’re ringing in the new year with the top seven innovative beauty products from all over the world that you absolutely need (i repeat, NEED) to try in 2017.

1. StylPro Brush Cleaner

Dirty brushes are possibly the worst chore for every makeup lover. Who has the time and effort to religiously clean their used brushes every week?! Definitely not me.

But dirty brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria, and if you’ve noticed yourself breaking out after not washing your brushes ever… You know what you got to do.

This apparatus just changed the damn game.

Posted by BuzzFeed DIY on Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The StylPro Brush Cleaner brings both convenience and ease to you when cleaning brushes. All you have to do is fill up the glass jar with water and cleansing soap (according to the size of your brush), affix the brush to a suitable-sized holder and attach it to the spinning mechanism.

Dip the whole contraption into the jar and start spinning away. It takes at most 10 seconds for the cleaner to fully rid the brush of dirt, and another 10 seconds out of water to dry.

Say hello to clean and dry brushes in less than a minute! There’s no reason to not clean your brushes.

2. Silicon Puffs: Heme Baby Q / Silisponge 

Save your liquid/cream foundations from being absorbed by brushes and beauty sponges, with the beauty world’s new sweetheart creation — sponges made of plastic.

If you’re skeptical, these bizarre applicators apply foundation just as beautifully as the usual BeautyBlender would, giving you that gorgeous airbrushed finish. But don’t take my word for it, you have to try it out yourself!

3. Shiro Waki Hime underarm peeling cream

Having dark underarms is possibly one of the most troubling beauty woes that females face. What else could you do when all the whitening creams just aren’t working?

Introducing the Shiro Waki Hime underarm — where you actually get to peel off the dead skin (that’s causing darkness) from your underarm. This solution is nothing painful, and in fact extremely fool-proof as well.

The cream works just like a gentle chemical exfoliating gel that you use on your face. Simply put the cream on your underarm, and start rubbing it in in circular motions. Grey bits of dead skin will start to fall out and after multiple uses you’d start noticing whiter and healthier looking underarms.

4. Pony Effect Lip Customising Palette 

innovative beauty products - customising lip palette

Create at least 25 custom shades with Korea’s favourite makeup artist Pony’s lip customising palette. The kit comes with 10 different colours — five bases, five mixers — so you could create lip colours that suits exactly to your fancy.

5. Kose Lip Gel

Let’s just throw it out there — lipstick stains IRL aren’t sexy. Every lipstick lover would know the pains of having non-transfer-proof lippies; they leave stains everywhere! But that all ends now, with Kose’s Lip Gel that turns any, I repeat, ANY lipstick inpenetrable.

A thin layer of the silicon gel goes a long way; it’ll coat your gloss/satin-finish lipsticks so that they don’t budge away from your lips at all.

6. Rainbow Highlighter: Wet & Wild Colour Icon Rainbow Highlighter / Tony Moly Luminous Goddess

Now, rainbow highlighters might be old news already, but we at Airfrov feel that there’s not enough people that are fully embracing the quirk and fun in this colourful creation. The Colour Icon Rainbow Highlighter from Wet & Wild has always been a fan favourite, whereas popular Korean makeup brand Tony Moly just released their own version of the unicorn powder too.

innovative beauty products - tony moly rainbow highlighter

source: tony moly

Use a flat top contour brush to swipe through the product for a clean, subtle rainbow streak on your cheek, or a usual highlighter blush and swirl all colours together for an icy, shimmery glow.

7. I Envy By KISS Brow Stamp

innovative beauty products - ienvy brow stamp

Brows are possibly one of the most problematic part of my beauty regime. Perfecting brows takes not only skill, but time as well — and on some days they just won’t work out. And that’s where the brow stamp by KISS comes in — you literally dip a brow stamp into creamy brow powder, position it well where your original eyebrows are, and go ahead to stamp it on!

It’s as easy as the name suggests, really.

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