We’ve heard many Singaporeans lament about the exorbitant price of Korean beauty products that are sold in local stores. Are these complains really justified? Today, I, self proclaimed makeup fanatic, will investigate the truth behind these complains. I chose Innisfree as my reference point, as this renowned Korean brand has been credited for its quality and reasonably priced products. To discover if Innisfree is really cheaper in Korea, I dug out 5 extremely popular, cult worthy Innisfree products, for a price comparison. Read on to find out if the frequently heard complains are true!

1. Innisfree Ginger Oil Cream

Innisfree introduced a ginger oil centric cream to help users deeply hydrate their skin, while making their complexion firmer and healthier. As beauty gurus gush about the thick consistency and the non-oily residue from the cream, we think this is a product worth trying! If you’re not a fan of ginger, you don’t have to worry as the smell of ginger is not overpowering; The cream has a light citrus fragrance, with a hint of ginger.

Surprisingly, this popular product is $12.53 cheaper in Korea! Isn’t it unfair that we have to pay so much more just because we would like healthy and moisturized skin just like our friends in Korea 🙁


Image source: Innisfree


2. Eco Science Wrinkle Spots Essence

Innisfree not only has products for the young, but they also have products catered for the matured ladies. Innisfree is widely known to have one of the most effective and cheapest anti ageing products in the beauty and personal care market. The Eco Science Wrinkle Spots Essence is a popular product among all of its anti ageing products, and it is mostly used around the eyes, and laugh lines.

I think a $15 price difference will make anyone’s wrinkles disappear even faster.


Image source: Innisfree


3. Innisfree Real Squeeze Mask

Innisfree is practically a haven for facial masks. The Real Squeeze Sheet Masks would be the brand’s most affordable facial masks. However, not all things cheap are of bad quality! Many Korean ladies have added these sheet masks to their night time routine as there are many variations of the Real Squeeze mask to cater to every skin type. The different variations include, Blackberry, Shea Butter, Acai Berry and Rice etc. We would personally recommend Rose and Green Tea, as there has been consistent compliments for these two variations of the Real Squeeze Mask!

The best part is, Innisfree outlets in Korea have very frequent 10 for 10 promotions for their facial masks; Buy 10 sheets, get 10 free – that is definitely a steal. Get them here, through Airfrov!


Image source: Innisfree 

4. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Many beauty gurus recommend this Innisfree serum! The serum compromises organic Jeju Green Tea and green tea seeds that are meant to hydrate your skin. To retain the moisture in your skin, this serum should be the first thing you apply after your facial wash. This product is also well received due to its lightweight texture and non sticky residue. I guess it is time for me to add serum application to my skincare routine!


Image source: Innisfree 

5. Forest For Men Perfect All in One essence

We didn’t want the guys to feel left out, so we had to introduce this well sought-after Innisfree product for men! This Innisfree product boasts to have 5 functions – anti wrinkle, whitening, skin tightening, pore care and moisturising effects. Even top Korean male models like Kim Jung Sik sang praises for this product. With this essence added into your night routine, your complexion may be as radiant as your girlfriend’s!

However, let’s face it. Most of our guy friends would not spend $40 on a facial product. I know my boyfriend wouldn’t! The $15.02 price savings may actually convince my boyfriend to include this product in his daily skin care routine.


Image source: Innisfree

There, we have it. Innisfree products are indeed much cheaper in Korea! It is unfair that we have to pay a higher price for beauty as compared to our Korean counterparts! Save your pocket by getting these items through Airfrov instead!

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