Ah, hydrangeas. The pastel coloured flower that we always scroll past on social media; its whimsical form and hue earning it the prize of being the “Instagram flower”. It’s amazing how no one has ever thought to draw inspiration from such gorgeous flowers — until now, that is.

innisfree has finally answered our deepest calls for a soft, sweet series with the new 2017 Jeju Colour Picker Collection has a lineup of beautiful baby tones, consisting of beauty products ranging from colour correctors to liquid blushes and even a multi-coloured highlighter!

Check out here what’s in the innisfree 2017 Jeju Colour Picker Collection:

Summer Colour Corrector Kit & Contouring Kit

innisfree 2017 Jeju Colour Picker Collection - Summer Colour Corrector Kit and Countouring Kit
Left: Summer Colour Corrector Kit ₩13,000 | Right: Summer Countouring Kit ₩13,000

Colour correctors are great in helping to keep your makeup base uniform-looking and flawless. By now we should all know the different colours that help counteract against the different types of skin woes: purple for dullness, green for redness and pink for dark eye circles. Those colours make up the first trio of colour correctors from the Colour Picker Kit.

The second set, the Contouring Kit, consists more of sculpting products — a concealer, a highlighter and a “shader”, like how the Koreans like to term their contour product. Apply them like how you would usually do, and blend them away!


innisfree 2017 Jeju Colour Picker Collection - Blusher
Blusher ₩9,000

These liquid blushes are the kinds that’ll make you look extra radiant; what more can you expect from products that are inspired by hydrangea petal dye? There are three colours available: a red, orange and pink. All of them sheer out to a diffused flush of colour that’ll bring out the radiance in your skin.

Blooming Highlighter

innisfree 2017 Jeju Colour Picker Collection - Blooming Highlighter
Blooming Highlighter ₩16,000

This product might possibly be our favourite one! It’s not common for Koreas to usually use highlighters, much less coloured ones, so this came as quite the pleasant surprise for us. The Blooming Highlighter is a pressed powder compact that comes with five (!!!) different colours, namely white, yellow, pink, orange and purple. You can use these colours individually, but we always recommend swirling them all together to create a gorgeous pastel blend that’ll bring dimension to your skin, thanks to the pearl pigments in the powder that reflect light.

Cotton Ink

innisfree 2017 Jeju Colour Picker Collection - Cotton Ink
Cotton Ink ₩10,000

Now, the lip products from the line are also pretty darn intriguing. Similar to the blushers, colours are greatly inspired by flower dyes — but slightly more vibrant this time, like how the Koreans like their lip tints to be. They go on very lightweight, like cotton, and leave a slight sheen on your lips. But leave the product to be, and as you go about your day, only the little shine will be removed from your lips, and the product still stays on, but as a comfort matte formula.

Real-Color Nails

innisfree 2017 Jeju Colour Picker Collection - Real Color Nails
Real-Color Nails ₩3,000 | Dashing Diva X innisfree Pop Up Nail Art ₩9,800 | DIY Nail Sticker ₩2,500

We’ve covered your lips, so it’s time to get your tips dressed up too. Introducing a lineup of five glossy pastel hues, all as expected — inspired by hydrangeas. There’s a pale cream shade to a bolder, yet still muted pop of turquoise-blue. And if just nail polishes aren’t enough, there are also super adorable nail stickers for you to exercise some DIY nail art. Plus, folks who just don’t have the time to sit down for a proper manicure should check out the pop-on nails that feature a french mani with a twist.


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