How to buy cheaper nanoblocks in Singapore

What is nanoblock?
Nanoblock was first introduced into the Japanese market in 2008 by Kawada Co. Ltd, a toy company based in Tokyo, Japan. Highly collectable, nanoblocks are unique tiny-sized blocks which build and look like Lego, but are structurally different in shapes and scale. The nano-sized intricate pieces means that it’s more challenging, but gives collectors more space for storage or display. There are many more reasons why people choose Nanoblocks over Legos, read them here.

Also similar in pricing to Lego sets, Nanoblocks Sight to See collection are priced higher in Singapore, and are hard to find. Airfrov is happy to share that we have helped our users collect deluxe editions of their collection, at a price lower than that of Singapore’s retail stores.

Get Travellers to bring back Nanoblocks from overseas
Here’s how it works:

1) Nanoblock collectors post up a request for the collection they would like to order
2) Include item name, details, country to buy from
3) Include Willing to Pay Price (this includes the retail price + some tips for the traveller)
4) Travellers who are travelling to that country will receive a notification
5) Travellers who can help will offer or accept the request
6) Requestor can meet up with the Traveller, or pick up the item at Airfrov office

Check out some of the items that has been fulfilled by our travellers, and how much you can save!
Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 12.26.42 pm


Nanoblock Neuschwanstein Castle Deluxe Edition Set
Item No: NB-009

Price in Singapore: $320
Price in Japan: ¥17316 (SGD $195)
Airfrov users got it for: SGD $230 (before 7% airfrov charges)

Click on (+) at the below link  to duplicate Jian Hui’s request for Nanoblock Neuschwanstein Castle Deluxe Edition! 


Nanoblock Castle deluxe edition






buy cheaper nanoblock - sky tree

Nano Tokyo sky tree (R) Deluxe Edition ver.2.0

Item No: NB-013

Price in Singapore: $307.90
Price in Japan:¥ 17,074 (SGD $190)
Airfrov users got it for: SGD $250 (before 7% airfrov charges)

Click on below (+) at the below link to duplicate Jian Hui’s request for Nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree Deluxe Version!

Nanoblock tokyo sky tree deluxe



Now you know the secret to buy cheaper nanoblock in Singapore too!
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