We are so used to watching the addictively adorable Gudetama videos online, taking joy in watching the very, very, very lazy egg squeal and squirm out of doing what it is supposed to be — an egg! And admit it, we probably sing (or even dance along) to the catchy Gudetama theme song. So by now, Gudetama should already be a household name for us, joining in the ranks of Tsum Tsum and Hello Kitty.

Holika x Gudetama

Photo credit: Holika Holika

And guess what? Korea beauty brand Holika Holika has teamed up with Gudetama for a series of extremely LAZY & EASY (and adorable) set of Gudetama makeup and beauty products, from blushers to facial masks to dry shampoo. The best part: all these products are fuss-free and easy to use, befitting of the personality of everyone’s favourite lazy egg. What more can we say, apart from the fact that we’re super egg-cited?

Products are also clad in the signature orange-yellow Gudetama packaging, incorporated with quirky features such as a bacon powder puff strap and egg-shaped peeling gel. But don’t take our word for it — check out these products for yourself!

Holika x Gudetama

LAZY & EASY Cream Blush, in Grapefruit Jelly and Plum Jelly

These cream blushes come in two pink shades, Grapefruit Jelly being the warmer toned one and Plum Jelly the cooler toned one. Dab these on for a sweet, natural flush to your cheeks.

Holika x Gudetama

LAZY & EASY Radiance Youth Powder in Shade 21 and 23*
Three different packaging designs: Cleared Away, Sweet Ribbons and Indulge Me
*Shade 23 will only be released on Holika Holika site in mid May

Truth be told, the ironically charming design featuring the signature sluggish Gudetama face is enough to buy us over. But with the Koreans being the pioneer of cushion foundations, expect this Gudetama version to provide a dewy finish for a healthy glow.

Holika x Gudetama

LAZY & EASY Puff Cushion
₩8,000 / four pieces

We’d say that we expected this, but still, give us a moment to hyperventilate over how stupidly adorable these cushion puffs are! Two thumbs up to Holika Holika for coming up with egg yolk cushion puffs with bacon straps. Just the look of these will brighten up anyone’s morning when applying makeup.

Holika x Gudetama

LAZY & EASY Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo, the holy grail of lazy girls, most befitting of the Gudetama collab. ‘Nuff said.

Holika x Gudetama

LAZY & EASY Smooth Egg Peeling Gel

Your skin deserves to be as smooth as an egg. And you can do so now, by literally using an egg. Get rid of black and white heads with the Smooth Egg Peeling Gel!

Want a piece of the Holika Holika x Gudetama LAZY & EASY beauty set, but won’t be travelling to Korea anytime soon? Simply put up a request on Airfrov and travellers in S.Korea might just help you get your hands on them!

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Image source: Holika Holika website & Facebook