Yep, you read that correctly! Back in November, Nakiryu in Tokyo became only the second ramen restaurant in the city to be awarded with the prestigious Michelin Star.

Yet more pressing news occurred when at the end of May saw the release of Nakiryu Dandan Noodles (pictured below), their first instant ramen released post Michelin Star. Thus making the Nakiryu Dan Dan noodle officially a Michelin Star cup noodle!

Nissin Foods’ Signature Restaurant Series: Nakiryu Dandan Noodles. (Source:

Preparation according to the taste tester from rocketnews24 was pretty simply, only needing to add hot water for 4 minutes and then to pour in the sesame oil. (Yep – it takes only 4 minutes to make a Michelin Star meal…)

A luxurious deep red colour formed, with the aroma of the sesame oil reminding the reporter of the original restaurant made dandan noodles that he had tried a few months prior.






Impressed by how the meal looked and by its simplicity, the reporter was taken aback so far in terms of the look and even the smell of the instant noodles. Now for the real dealbreaker, how did it taste?

The Verdict

Well, it was a success! The broth according to the reporter had a subtle chicken flavour that wonderfully complimented the sesame oil, with a general mix of sour and spicy flavours working well together leaving a distinct aftertaste. And the noodles unbelievably had managed to recreate the delicately textured version of the restaurant version (a comparison below).

Nakiryu’s Dan Dan noodles: Instant Noodle Version
Nakiryu’s Dan Dan noodles: Restaurant Version

Online reviews for the Michelin star instant noodles seemed to just re-iterate the positive experience by the reporter:

“This is one good instant ramen.”
“I think that both the quality and reproduction are outstanding.”
“If you like dandan noodles you should eat this at least once.”
“This is so genuine and so good it’s scary.”
“These were so tasty I bought another one the same day.”
“I can feel the restaurant through this cup noodle.”
“This shouldn’t even be classified as instant ramen.”
“I’m going to buy a case next time.”


How Can I get Nakiyru’s Dan Dan Noodles in Singapore ?

So now that we have the verdict on how great tasting these noodles are , it is time for the ultimate question: Where in Singapore can I get my hands on these noodles?! 

Sadly the product is exclusive to Japan at around 200 yen (SGD $2.50), however there may be one one way to get your hands on the item in Singapore.

To have a chance in getting one of the hottest trending items right now, you can post a request by clicking the link below.

After clicking through, select ‘I want this too’ and just edit the description to your preferences and select ‘submit’.

Ready? Try your luck below!

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