Japanese beauty enthusiasts must have heard of @COSME, the beauty authority to look to when it boils down to placing your money on true tried-and-tested products. They have list after list of the top products to get in each beauty category, from skincare to makeup. But for those who are only interested in the number 1s, we have you covered here

1. Curél Intensive Moisture Cream

Curél isn’t really talked about much here in Singapore, but boy this Japanese skincare brand does have some impressive products that are worth buying. Take their Intensive Moisture Cream for example, a longstanding @COSME award winning cream that’s perfect for dry and sensitive skin. The formula doesn’t contain fragrance, colouring nor alcohol, and has anti-inflammatory ingredients in it.

2. Cher-Couleur Basic Cream

Using pure, natural oils as its main components, Cher-Couleur’s Basic Cream makes for the gentlest, yet most effective cleansing cream that removes makeup while purifying your skin after a long day. Gently massage your skin with it for a deep cleanse to reveal smooth and moist complexion after.

3. Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel

For those who prefer a lighter product on their skins instead on creams, try out the Skin Conditioning Gel by Naturie, an all-time best seller for the brand. The formula of the gel contains the maximum amount of water as possible, and it glides smoothly on your skin, quickly absorbed as you apply. Use it as a beauty prep product before your makeup routine for makeup that sits on beautifully.

4. White Conc Body Lotion

Here’s a tried-and-tested whitening product that really works, with lots of positive reviews to browse through online. This body lotion by White Conc is medicated; it contains active ingredients that rid away dead skin on your body, to reveal the fairer, baby skin underneath. The lotion can also be used as an after-care product after a long day out in the sun.

5. Pukku Pukku Bubble Soda Pack

Constant shaving and plucking of underarm hairs leads to dull and dark skin in that region. Whiten up the area in just 90 seconds, with a foaming bubble pack! Apply the product on and watch it start to bubble instantly, as the product starts to cover your entire underarm. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes as the AHA and Papain enzymes help to effectively rid all grime and dirt from your underarm for instantaneous results.

6. Sofina Primavista Long Keep Base UV

Ah, the all-in-one product that we all love. Primsvista’s Long Keep Base is effectively a makeup primer — one that you wear beneath your foundation (and other layers subsequently). What it does is to control sebum from seeping into your foundation directly, so that you get the maximum wear time out of your foundation as well. And because of its oil control properties, the primer also helps to reduce shine as well.

7. CHACOTT For Professionals Finishing Powder

By now everyone should know what good finishing powders can do for a face of makeup; and trust us when we say that contrary to the product’s name, you don’t have to be a professional to use the powder. Set your liquid base with it to lock in product so that it stays on for the day. Most people tend to get the translucent shade, but CHACOTT has the powder in a multitude of colours to suit various skin tones, for those who’d like extra coverage with powder.

8. Canmake Mat Fluer Cheeks 

If you’ve yet to use Canmake’s Cream Cheek blushes, we advise you to make a quick request on Airfrov, alongside their Mat Fluer Cheeks blush — because you’ll definitely get hooked onto both. But more on their powder blushes now; just take a look at how pretty the floral design is! (You can almost mistake this for Lancome, not gonna lie). All shades in the compact are matte, and they blend out like a dream on the cheeks, like all of Canmake blushes. Those you prefer a more shimmery finish may try the Glo Fluer Cheeks blush, but the mattes are the ones that got rave reviews on @COSME.

9. Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof 

Kiss Me products have always been popular no doubt, considering how all products were formulated so that they’re as long wearing as possible. Go for their Long & Curl Mascara, one that truly lengthens short and sparse Asian lashes. The waterproof formula also ensures that your lashes don’t start drooping after time; it’ll help hold the curl.

10. Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep

No surprise here that eyeliners from the same brand get the same glowing reviews, yes? In essence, these eyeliners glide on smoothly on your eyes, and do not budge at all until you decide to remove them at the end of the day. Comes in an intense black and a soft brown.