You have to admit, the quality of the toys that come with the classic McDonald’s Happy Meal has changed drastically from when we were younger. From the old-school Hello Kitty, we’ve seen these toys change to figurines, Lego kits, and now… fun-sized board games.


Yup, you can now get McD-themed board games, courtesy of McDonald’s Japan, in celebration of Happy Meal’s 30th anniversary. Pick from a selection of games that we know and love, including Uno, Game of Life, Monopoly, Twister and Pop-up Pirate. Everything will of course, be decked out in motifs of Ronald McDonald and friends.


While McDonalds Japan has mostly preserved the integrity of these games and condensed them into the miniature forms of their original versions — more complicated games such as Game of Life and Twister get altered a little so that they are still made playable in their travel-sized forms.

Check out the videos below for more bite-sized fun!

The campaign will started on the 17th November, and will kickstart with Game of Life, Uno and Twister. The remaining three games will be released on the following week — and as all McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, numbers will be limited, so get them while stocks last.

Interested in getting any of these unique McD-themed board games? While you cannot choose which board game ends up in your Happy Meal, you can join the spree at the link below and a friendly traveller will have your selected game (s) flown back for you!

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