It is mid-July and the sweltering heat is hindering you from maintaining your good hair day. What about having a long day out only to return home to your hair being greasy and slimy like you’ve applied WAY too much hair gel?


Yes, you are definitely not alone. Especially if you are spotting the trendy bangs! That greasiness can’t be more obvious. But here’s some hair hacks that will save you from the greasiness throughout the day! Well, if you can’t stop it, the best way is to try preventing it!

1.Hair Fixer Solution

No more worrying about greasy hair! They say that prevention is better than cure and a hair fixer is perfect for people who wants puffy and airy bangs, even with humid weather. It will withstand long hours of style setting and allows your hair to stay puffy throughout the day.

We are guessing that this is the secret behind Sakura’s perfect bangs in Produce 48!


2. Loose Powder to lose it all!

Those who put on make up would not be strangers to loose powder. But it does not just controls the oil on your face, it does the same for your hair too! There is a wide variety of loose powders in the market. Of course, if you’re using Laura Mercier, you probably would not want to waste it on your hair.

Try Moeta Oil Zero Powder! It is pocket friendly and also comes in a small tub that would fit in almost ANY of your handbags! Just pad some on your hair and with the use of your fingers, lightly shake to dust the products around. Voila! Fresh looking hair!

3. Hair Laundry Tissue!

If you haven’t heard this, yes. Korea came up with a laundry tissue to save you from this trouble (Arguably the hair hack of hair hacks)! If you are worried about clogged pores, then this is definitely the product for you!

It will require you to gather your hair between the tissue, and wipe it down from the hair roots to the hair ends. Do it a couple of times and your hair will look as fresh as post shower!

Certainly, we are not going to introduce you something that would not fit in your purse. This laundry tissue is compact enough to fit into your purse too! Talk about convenience!

3. Dry Shampoo!

cr: @lemonail_beauty

Alright, truth to be told, not all of us wash our hair every morning. Naturally, dry shampoo is the answer to rectify the situation. Although bulkier than the previous two products, it is probably the most hassle free product. Etude house’s Oh My God dry shampoo is compact in size and works like magic!

Lift up hair hair and spray it on near your roots. Massage lightly with your hands and lightly brush! Not only is it oil-free, this product actually adds volume to your hair too with a floral and fruity scent! Awesome!

4. Eye Lash Curler for puffy bangs!

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Spent your morning curling your bangs only to find it flat due to humidity mid-day? Want to curl it again but too embarrassed to use the big round curler for 20 minutes? Try this! Japanese girls invented this method of inverting your eyelash curlers and curling your bangs like you would your eye lash. It works surprisingly well within a minute! Start about 1 cm away from the roots and slowly curl towards the end. There you have it, good as new.

5. Wash only your bangs and dry them!

This is definitely going to be an unpopular opinion in Singapore, but this method was also brought to light by Korean Singer, IU. Still, nothing beats a hair wash. Tie up your hair and wash your bangs! Ultimately, greasiness shows the most on your bangs.

Now you can achieve the perfect see-through bangs you’ve always wanted (even in Singapore)!

Any other hacks you know of that is life changing but not included? Share it with us in the comments!
Not only does the grease prevent you from looking AWESOME, you risk having the oil transferred to your face. Try out some of the hacks and see if it helps!



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