Minnie Mouse fans rejoice! We’ve just found a cheaper alternative to Italian shoe brand, Oscar Tiye’s Minnie Mouse heels that went viral on social media last month!

Oscar Tiye Minnie Mouse Stilettos


However, not everyone might be able to afford this since a pair would cost over S$330! This was already reduced from the original retail price of S$720. If you’re not one to splurge too much on a pair of heels, the new GRACEGIFT shoe collection is the perfect alternative for you.

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The collection features a wide variety of heels, flats and slippers. There are so many colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Here’s what’s in store:

GRACEGIFT Minnie Mouse Shoe Collection

Chunky Heels

The best steal in the GRACEGIFT collection would be the Minnie Mouse inspired heels which costs 80% cheaper than the one by Oscar Tiye! Check out the side by side comparison of the chunky heels:

GRACEGIFT Minnie Mouse Compare to Oscar Tiye
(Left: Oscar Tiye | Right: GRACEGIFT)

The GRACEGIFT heels which retails at NT$1,580 also comes in 5 different colours – black, red, pink, white and blue.

GRACEGIFT Minnie Mouse HeelsGRACEGIFT Minnie Mouse Heels

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The slippers is finished off the iconic Minnie Mouse bow. The slippers retail at NT$1,480 and is available in single bow and double bow.

Single bow from L-R: black | polka dots black | polka dots red | white striped | pink | black | blue striped | grey striped | navy
Double bow from L-R: red | pink | polka dots pink | polka dots blue | denim | blue striped | black

GRACEGIFT Minnie Mouse Slippers
(L: Single Bow | R: Double Bow)

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Slip on a pair of Minnie Mouse flats to add a sweet touch to your casual outfit. The flats retails at NT$1,580 and is available in 6 colours – black, red, camel, pink, white and blue.

GRACEGIFT Minnie Mouse Flats

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The collection may not be available in Singapore but you can get Airfrov travellers going to Taiwan to help. Travellers act as personal shoppers to bring overseas products back for you!

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Click on the link below the item of your choice and hit the ‘Request now’ button.

2) Edit the description by indicating the size and/or colour, and post the request.

3) You will receive an offer from our traveller shortly. Check out his/her return date & offer price.

4) Place a deposit if you’re agreeable. Payment will be held with Airfrov.

5) Wait for traveller’s return and release the payment only when you’ve received the correct item.

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