Attention trainers, now you can catch your Pokémons, and see them inside the Pokéball! (Perhaps this is what the inside of a Pokéball looks like ;)) Japanese toy company Re-Ment just released a collection of six Pokémon terrariums, called the Pocket Monster Terrarium Collection. The 7 centimeter diameter terrariums are in the shape of a Pokéball, and contain 6 famous characters from the Pokémon universe.

Housed in their own little garden, the six Pokémon in the collection are:

Our star of the show, of course.






Images credit: Re-Ment


When you buy the terrarium, you’ll also receive one piece of grape flavoured chewing gum. You cannot select which Pokémon you want as all the boxes do not mark which Pokémon is inside which one. Thus you’ll have to purchase and open the boxes to find out which one you got. 🙂

The Pokémon terrariums are being sold in all convenience stores, grocery stores, toy shops, and bookstores around Japan, and retail for 750 yen. They’re also available on ebay, but to save on shipping fees and if you’re not able to buy these from Japan yourself, you can make a request on Airfrov!

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