You’ve read and heard all about the latest baby by Google, that’s perceived by most as an apparent attack at Apple’s iPhone. Google did not just start the fight with phone specifications, they have also pinned the Pixel phone on same price point. Let’s cut the chase and go straight down to what you want to know : how much it costs around the world, which country sells it the cheapest and how to get it here in Singapore.

How Much Does it Costs Around the World

At launch, it was announced that the Google Pixel & Pixel XL will first be released in U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, Australia & India. Here’s a breakdown of the prices of an unlocked (not tied down with operator) Pixel & Pixel XL in each country:

Where is Google Pixel Cheapest Around the World - Airfrov Blog
I know, I know, this table doesn’t make much sense to you. Let’s add tax to the price in U.S. & Canada (taking 9% tax for calculations), and convert all of them to Singapore Currency.

(Based on exchange rate as of  8/10/2016: AUD 1.04, CAD 1.03, EUR 1.537, INR 0.02, GBP 1.7, USD 1.37)

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Google Pixel phone?

The wiser choice (though I still won’t consider it cheap), would be from the United States. Depending on the area you’re ordering from and it’s sales tax, you could get the Pixels XL 128GB for approx SGD $1301.

Where is Google Pixel Cheapest Around the World - Airfrov Blog

The 2nd choice would be Canada, where the same set goes for just $20 more.

Where NOT TO buy the Google Pixel XL: Germany & India. Each set of 128GB can knock you out by more than SGD $1500. At that price, you could buy an iPhone 7 Plus with double the storage. 

How to get the Google Pixel phone to Singapore? 

We heard your call! How to buy? Can we order and ship it here?

1) One option is to place your order for the unlocked version from the Google Play Store here, and get a shipping agent to help you ship it back. As there are no stocks right now, be prepared to wait 4-6 weeks for stocks to be replenished and another 1-2 weeks for it to arrive in Singapore.

2) Alternatively, you can post this task to Airfrov travellers who frequent Australia, United Kingdom and United States. Your deposit will be held securely by Airfrov, until the traveller returns with a legit set of Google Pixel phone. Include a reward to the traveller in your “willing to pay price”, in exchange for the exorbitant shipping fees you may have to fork out otherwise!

 No worries that your item goes missing or a nasty experience with the forwarder!

Here’s how Airfrov works:
1) Click on “Request Now” on this page to post up a job ad. Travellers who are going to United States will be notified of your request
2) Travellers will offer to help you buy (make sure you check your email/app notification!)
3) You can choose to accept traveller’s offer if it matches your requirements, or decline
4) Place a secured deposit, it will be held with Airfrov until traveller returns
5) Collect the item at our office, or opt for courier delivery to your place!