We’ve all been there. We’ve collapsed on the bed after a long day of activities, completely ready to sleep, only to realize we forgot to switch off the lights or TV or turn on the security system. Then we have to drag ourselves out of bed. Well, Google seems to be trying to solve this inconvenience with their latest product.

Google Home, bedside (Google home in singapore)


While not a new item in the US markets, Google Home in Singapore doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. They haven’t even planned releases for any other country yet! Which honestly, seems a bit unfair considering the convenience it brings to everyday life. This smart assistant is a voice-controlled device, which can be connected to the appliances in your home to completely automate it.

Google Home connecting to phone (Google home in Singapore)


Just start with “OK Google” and ask it to book your uber to work, play your music for a party, book a reservation for a dinner date or simply turn on the TV for those days where you’re too lazy to move. Google Home is even good for a laugh when you’re feeling lonely and need some cheering up. Like Siri, just ask Google Home some silly questions and you may be surprised at the answer (we suggest asking it who’s the fairest of them all)!

Google home example questions (Google home in singapore)


With an inbuilt microphone, a common concern is that the device wouldn’t be able to pick up on commands from a distance. Or even over the regular bustle of the home. As expected, the device has trouble picking up on commands at a loud party. Reviews suggest however, that it performs just fine on normal days, even with some background noise. For those who value their privacy, the microphone can also be toggled on and off whenever you like! This makes it perfect if you’re having a sensitive conversation or simply don’t want the device to be constantly listening.

Google Home features (google home in singapore)


Not only is the Google Home completely useful, it’s small frame and minimalist design makes it really easy to find a place in your home for the device. You can even customise the device to match the colours in your home. Although they do have a relatively restricted range of colours.

Google Home different colours (google home in Singapore)


How do I get Google Home in Singapore?

Google Home seems to be something everyone needs at home right? Currently, you can only get it on Google’s online store, which only serves those in the US. However, you don’t have to travel all the way to the US to get one! Just place a request on Airfrov and one of our travelers may help you bring one home.

Get Google Home in Singapore via Airfrov

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Image Source: Google Store