Running out of gift ideas? This list is made up of unique items found in overseas retailers because we don’t like to give (and receive) body lotion, Ferrero Rocher etc. And really, because we can easily get them via travellers!


Star Wars Desktop Vacuum (USB Powered) S$20 (Image source: menkind)Sanrio Desk Cleaner IMG_7077-694x463
Sanrio Desk Cleaner S$20  (Image source:

The messy desk owner 
If your neighbour has a desk so full you can’t tell if they’re documents or junk, it’s very likely that it hasn’t been cleaned for a long period of time either. Drop a subtle reminder for spring cleaning with these incredibly cute desktop vacuum cleaner. Great for gift exchange and the not-so-close co-workers too!


Green tea fat burner
Green Tea Fat Burner S$40 
I’m on Diet!

This person always reject the team’s invitation to the Friday night binge out session because she’s counting her calories. Gift this green tea fat burner so she has no more reason not to join.


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 00.54.40 Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 00.52.56
Jolly Man V2 & Knox V2 by Knoxlabs. Approx S$49 (Image source: Knoxlabs)

The tech guy

What could possibly intrigued a tech guy? Try this: the Google cardboard – a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google for use with a fold-out cardboard mount for a mobile phone. By looking through the cardboard, one can experience crossing the dessert, floating on a lazy river or play pong in space. Being the ultimate tech guy, he could even develop his own VR experience from scratch!


Minion Popcorn Bucket - Universal Studios JapanLINE Items South Korea
Minions Popcorn Bucket from Universal Studios S$45, Assorted items from Line Friends, South Korea

The Cutie-Pie
The one who has a soft spot for all things cute and adorable. Though this could be the easiest to shop for by giving Hello Kitty and the likes, we can do much better than that. Brighten up her dull work day with a minion popcorn bucket from disneyland, Line friends figurines from Line Friends Store in South Korea, or a Sanrio Highlighter of her favourite character (Gudetama, Hello Kitty, My Melody and more)!


IMG_0382 IMG_0503
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory S$22 per box, Snacks from U.S S$15 onwards
Yakult Gummy - TaiwanKorean Chips
Yakult Gummy from Taiwan S$18, Honey Butter Chips from South Korea, S$15

The forever hungry

Unless you want to be labelled insincere and cheap-skate, giving a box of Ferrero Rocher will not work. Feed the bottomless pit with yummy goodies from Japan, Hong Kong, Korea & Taiwan!

db_wall_cer_black_studded_10_us_ca_pdpbase_cup Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 01.42.08
Starbucks Mugs & Tumblers from United States 

Nothing screams more BOSS than a cool, matte black tumbler from Starbucks. If he/she loves coffee, throw in some Nespresso capsules from France!


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