It may be eternally hot in Singapore, but for most of the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is nearly here! That means flowers, amazing weather and of course, springtime collections. The Face Shop x Trolls is probably the first themed springtime collection to be launched and it’s totally a need!


The Face Shop x Disney Trolls Collection


The new collection has all the makeup products you need, and some extra stuff for you to pamper your hair too. The products we’re most excited about have got to be their new Ink Draw Dual Eyes and Lips.

The Face Shop x Trolls Ink Draw Dual Eye

The Face Shop x Trolls combines 2 different products into one with their Dual pens. The eye version features both an eye-shadow pen and a cream based glitter, while the Ink Draw Dual Lips comes with a lip pencil and lip tint. It’s like The Face Shop understands us on this one. We’ve got no time (or money) get all the products we need (or want), so these products are perfect for us!


The Face Shop x Trolls Ink Draw Dual Lips


They’ve also released a range of blushers, each featuring a different character from the Trolls movie. The blush also comes with what looks like an incredibly soft puff to apply the blush with.


The Face Shop x Trolls Blush Cushion


The Face Shop x Trolls also features the brand’s colour correcting cushions. While their formulation may be the same, the new packaging definitely gives you an excuse to get yourself a new cushion!

The Face Shop x Trolls Colour Correcting Cushion


While previous collections focus mostly on makeup, The Face Shop’s latest one also includes something for your hair. And with all the new hair dyes being released lately, it’s totally something we need. The package comes with an essential damage conditioner, hair serum, hair oil and hair mist. Made with 5 different oils blended from India, they’re sure to pamper your hair. Now you can have pretty coloured hair without damaging it.


The Face Shop x Trolls Essential Damage Care


The one downside is that The Face Shop x Trolls is currently only available in Korea. We haven’t heard anything about when they’ll be released in Singapore but here’s how you can get it before anyone else. You just have to place a request on Airfrov! A traveler going to Korea can help you get one on their trip there.


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Images from: The Face Shop Korea