It’s no secret that compared to overseas, branded bags are much more expensive in Singapore. With import tax, GST, and the sky-high cost of renting a store in Singapore, it’s no wonder we’re paying extra for our favourite bag.

Take Furla for example – their Metropolis Mini Crossbody bag is a staple for any wardrobe. It’s chic and small size works on any outfit and it’s one of those less-than-S$600 bags recommended by fashionistas.

If we can snag it at an affordable price, we would want to collect them in all colours! So, we asked around and found out where can we get it cheaper.

furla metropolis price comparison: where to get it cheaper

The Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody in classic, solid colour is one of the cheapest options in the collection. Its lasting leather exterior, combined with the rose gold clasp is simple to the point of elegance.

furla metropolis price comparison: where to get it cheaper

Source: USUKItaly


Surprise, surprise! A check with Airfrov Travellers reveals up to $200 difference when you buy the Metropolis Crossbody from Europe – before tax rebate!


furla metropolis price comparison: where to get it cheaper

If you’re looking for a glam look, the newly launched metropolis bag with glitter body has got to be it. The shiny exterior makes a great accessory to fancy dinner and cocktail parties. As you may have guessed, there’s a $235 price difference when you purchase it from Europe.

furla metropolis price comparison: where to get it cheaper

Source: UK, Italy

Let’s not forget these prices are before 20-22% tourist tax rebate. If you’re visiting Europe or if you have a friend visiting, you can save up to almost 50% off Singapore’s retail price!


Wondering how to get one of these bags from overseas yet? We’ve got good news for you then! You don’t have to travel all the way to Italy to get one of these for a reasonable price. And neither do you have to burden your friends to find your favorite bag on your behalf. Simply post up your request to buy, and you’ll be matched with an Airfrov traveller.

The last transacted price on Airfrov for a Furla Metropolis Mini bag is S$390(before Airfrov fee).

If you would like to snag one for yourself, click on “I want this” in the link below and wait for a traveller to offer help!


All images from Furla, Furla Instagram