There’s no lack of delicious food in Hong Kong. Search for what to eat in HK and easily get a full list of recommendations for dim sum, goose and street food. How about when you want to bring them home for your family and friends? What food to bring back from Hong Kong? A full roasted goose may be too much to handle, here are some handy gifts for your loved ones at home:

Kee Wah Bakery - Airfrov

1. Kee Wah Bakery (奇华)

Founded in Hong Kong in 1983, Kee Wah Bakery is best known for it’s traditional Chinese pastries such as egg rolls, wife biscuit and pineapple shortcakes. Packed in colourful tins, they are ideal for gifting to family and colleagues, and can be easily found in Hong Kong or at the airport. One of my personal favourite for gifting is the assorted Pineapple shortcake gift box, which comes in 4 different flavours and fillings – walnut, honeydew and mango. Oh and yes, that’s actor Eric Tsang Chi Wai, fronting Kee Wah Bakery’s marketing campaigns.

Found at: Hong Kong’s Airport, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok and many more. Full listing here

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2. Wing Wah Bakery (荣华)

Ask anyone in Hong Kong where to buy wife’s biscuit, they will most likely direct you to the reputable Wing Wah Bakery. Besides wife’s biscuits, the bakery offers a broad range of baked pastries such as mooncake, Chinese wedding cakes and tea series. Each individually packed biscuit has thin and soft pastry skin, filled with sweet winter melon bits. Wing Wah has an outlet at the airport too, yay to last minute shopping!

Found at: Hong Kong’s Airport, Shau Kei wan, Wan Chai and many more. Full listing here

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Wing Wah Bakery - Airfrov

3. Hang Heung Cake Shop

Another traditional pastry store highly recommended by locals, Hang Heung Cake Shop is best known for it’s daily baked, crispy wife’s biscuit. Though popular, it may be less convenient to bring them back home due to the absence of preservatives and outlet in the airport.

Found at: Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui and more

Hang Heung Cake Shop - Airfrov

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3. Jenny Cookies

We Singaporeans know where to find good food – when we spot a long queue. Jenny cookies only have 2 outlets in Hong Kong, resulting in long queues and waiting time just to get into the store. As the name suggests, they are well-loved for their butter and coffee flavoured cookies. The cookies come in round teddy-bear imprinted tins, easy to bring back and is great for gifting!
Cost: HKD $70 – $190

Found at: Tsim Sha Tsu, Sheung Wan 

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Jenny Cookies - Airfrov

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4. Cookie Quartet 曲奇四重奏

Frequently compared to Jenny cookies, Cookie Quartet is often the alternative to your cookie crave, with better service and almost without a queue. Founded by ex-Miss Hong Kong, they specialise in creative flavoured cookies and palmier. Not sure which cookie to buy? Try out the free samples in-store!

Found at: Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon and more

Cookie Quartet - Airfrov

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5. Duck Shing Ho 德成號

Unlike the above bakeries which have expanded their stores, Duck Shing Ho remains at their decade old outlet at North point to ensure consistent quality. Over here, queues are formed up daily for home-style egg rolls in their signature aluminium tins. Each person is limited to buy 1.6kg worth of egg rolls from a combination of three flavours – original, butter and coconut. Go early if you want to give it a try, they get sold out really fast!

Found at: G/F., 64 Java Raod, North Point

Duck Shing Ho Egg Roll - Airfrov


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6. Hello Kitty Obrigado

We’ve seen Hello Kitty soft toys, tumblers, bags and such. But pork jerky? That’s one amazing idea! This Hello Kitty Obrigado store in Macau also stocks character imprinted macarons, nougats, Portuguese egg tarts and kitty shaped biscuits. Will you be giving it a try?

Found at: 5-7A Travessa de São Domingos, Macau (板樟堂巷5-7A 百好大廈地下A舖)


Hello Kitry Obrigado Pork Jerky - Airfrov


Image Source: Hello Kitty Obrigado, All about hong kong

7. Taste of Fung By Beyond Dessert

There’s a new celebrity chef in town, he’s no other than movie star Nicholas Tse. In a new joint venture, he takes up a new role as Chef Nic, creating his own unique brand of cookie. Opened on May 7, the shop was set up in partnership with Hong Kong bakery chain Beyond Dessert, and its name “Taste of Feng”, is a play on Nicholas’ Chinese name, Xie Tingfeng. The signature cookies come in four flavours – Sour (Lemon), Spicy (Chilli), Sweet (Butter), and Bitter (Chocolate).

Found at: Shop F 39-49 Gage Street, Central

Taste of Fung - Airfrov

Hungry yet? Even if you’re not going to Hong Kong anytime soon, you can have your craving satisfied easily through the latest shopping hack! At Airfrov, we have a community of travellers visiting Hong Kong on a frequent basis. They can be that ‘friend’ who’s willing to help you bring back these goodies. Simply put up a request with your willing to pay price and wait for a traveller to respond. Check out our “How it works” page!

I’ve also recommended some of my favourites on Airfrov page, simply copy the request to have the request duplicated!

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