Yes! You’ve heard it right! Fila Korea, the trend setter of modern age, is having a collaboration with PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)! The Fila PUBG line is everything you need for a game, from head to toe – T-shirt, Backpack, Ammo waist bag, Sneakers and even Sliders!

Looking to dress appropriately for the battle field? Fret not, we’ve got your back! Here’s a little guide to enjoy your next chicken dinner award!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner T-Shirt!

Cr: Fila Korea

First off, we definitely can’t miss out on the T-Shirt! It will cost you 39,000 Korean Won (Approximately $48 SGD). They come in various designs and the FILA PUBG tag can be found on the arm sleeves too!

Fila PUBG Camo Backpack!

Cr: Fila Korea

Needless to say, you’d need a field pack to contain basic survival and combat needs, right? The backpacks come in 2 designs/colour and costs 159,000 Korean Won (Approximately $195 SGD).

Not feeling the Navy camo? That’s fine. There’s also the Desert camo! What can I say. The desert camo reminds me so much of Descendants of the Sun. I mean, does it not look like the same print?! For about $195 SGD to be a Singaporean Soong Joong Ki? Certainly sounds like its worth the dilemma if you ask me.

Fila PUBG Ammo Waist Bag!

Cr: Fila Korea

Now that we’ve got the backpack settled, let’s match it with an ammo waist bag! Similarly, the waist bag comes in 3 colours – Black, Navy Camo, and Desert Camo. It consists of 3 compartments that can be separated individually at any time and costs 59,000 Korean Won (Approximately $73 SGD). Aboveall, the Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner tagline can also be found on this product!

Fila PUBG Classic Sneakers!

Cr: Fila Korea

By and large, a good pair of sneakers is needed to help you get around the terrains. The Classic Sneakers also come in Camo designs with 2 colours to choose from – Navy and Black (Regrettably, no Soong Joong Ki print now, there there).

Strange enough though, the Navy colour is not at all remotely good for camouflage with its brightly coloured rubber soles. But the little head gear print at the back of the shoe is arguably the cutest print ever HAHA.

Fila PUBG Sliders!

Cr: Fila Korea

Last, but not the least, the Sliders! Not sure if its just me, but I’ve seen a lot of Singapore’s Youths wearing sliders lately (Perhaps catching up on the Korean sloppy PC Bang fashion LOL). For that very reason, you may want to consider getting these! Likewise, the sliders come in the same 2 designs as the sneakers – Navy Camo and Black. At the price of 29,000 Korean Won (Approximately $36 SGD), it is rather reasonably priced.

With that, our guide to your Chicken Dinner is served! But wait, ‘whats next?’, you might ask. If any of the above enticed you, Airfrov it! Don’t worry about imposing your friends travelling to Korea, or risk missing the sale period by waiting for your turn! Simply post a request or copy another user’s request using the “I Want This Too” button using this link!



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