With all the recent highlighter launches these days, a new highlighter on the market is hardly newsworthy. An anti-highlighter however, is something we’re sure everyone would love to hear more about.

Eclipse from Rituel De Fille - Compact

Rituel De Fille has come up with Eclipse, an Inner Glow Creme Pigment. While the internet seems to be hailing the product as either a highlighter or anti-highlighter, the brand describes the product as a “black blush, contour, cream eyeshadow and lipstick in one remarkable shade”.


Rituel De Fille Eclipse over lipstick

So while it’s not the definition of a highlighter, Eclipse from Rituel De Fille is definitely a versatile product. The colours are buildable as well. On your first brush, you’ll likely get a sheer, aubergine shade. But build the colour and you’ll get a “rich, dimensional black”. You can even use it to turn your existing makeup colours a tone darker.

Eclipse from Ritual De Fille Swatch

So, if you’re tired of the same old highlighters, Eclipse from Rituel De Fille is definitely a product you should try. While the product is only available in Canada, US, Australia and UK, you can still get the item via Airfrov!

They start shipping on 5th April so hop on the preorder now!


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All Images from: Rituel De Fille