We all know Mickey and his travel companion, Duffy the bear. Come 30th March however, Disney Resorts Tokyo is introducing Duffy’s new friend, Stella Lou! She’s an adoreable purple bunny with dreams of becoming a dancer when she grows up.

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If behind every Disney movie is a life message, the one introduced by Stella Lou is about dreams. According to Disney, the two met when Duffy was exploring the American Waterfront. He spotted Stella Lou stumble as she was dancing and offered to help. Before the encounter, Duffy thought that dreams only happened when a person was sleeping. Stella, who aspires to be a ballerina, told him that dreams can also be something you wanted for your future.

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So if you’ve got a dream you’re working towards, Stella Lou is definitely the companion you’re looking for. Stella Lou’s merchandise will be released in Disney Tokyo from 30th March, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll be available in any of the other parks.

The good news is – you can still get Stella Lou in Singapore! Just place a request on Airfrov and you’ll sure to be one of the first to meet her.

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