Fans of the first collaboration between A Bathing Ape and Dragonball that happened back in 2016, listen up — there is going to be a second edition to that amazing partnership this year… this time, with Dragonball Z!

Following the style of the first edition, characters from the Dragonball Z series will be designed with the same adorably stoic features as A Bathing Ape’s famed mascot, Baby Milo. You can expect completely original graphics — that means every single character, from Goku to Piccolo — will be designed from scratch, with Baby Milo peeking out.

The capsule collection will launch on 9 December and will include T-shirts, crew neck sweatshirts, pullover hoodies, bags, and other collectables, all in Dragonball Z-themed colours. So huddle up, grab yourself a hoodie to keep warm while you binge-watch that childhood classic anime (that really, never grows old).

Check out our favourites:

21,000 Yen

7,800 Yen

7,800 Yen

7,800 Yen

4,800 Yen

Want a piece of the Dragonball Z x A Bathing Ape collection? Simply put up a request on Airfrov at the link below and a friendly traveller will have your goods flown back for you!

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