Its that time of year again that will see DisneySea Tokyo get transformed into an eerie halloween atmosphere, where Disney’s most infamous villains as well as Mickey and his friends play host to a spooky halloween party!

As part of the event, aside from a tapioca berry drink that resembles blood and desserts reflecting the costume of Aladdin’s main antagonist Jafar – there is of course a range of halloween Disney inspired merchandise to get you into the spooky spirit! Explore some of the merchandise from the collection below:

In addition to the items above, the Duffy and Friends collection have also taken a turn to the haunted side, with DisneySea releasing the range in halloween inspired costumes. Check out some of the items from the adorable range below:

To get your hands on these furry little monsters or the Disney collectables, our traveller jlbaf will be heading to Japan to grab them on their launch date on the 4th of September. Place your item on her shopping list and join the spree below before the closing date on the 25th August!

DisneySea Merchandise Spree!

Duffy and Friends Halloween Spree!


What are Sprees?

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(i) Each Spree has a closing date to allow travellers to collate orders, and proceed to purchase once Sprees have ended
(ii) Receive your items faster: Travellers may open mass meetup options, or ship the items to your address directly without going through Airfrov’s office

If you would like to put yourself on Travellers’ shopping list for the halloween merchandise, simply click on “Join Spree” to place your order!