Despicable Me is back for its third instalment and the movie will hit theatres in Singapore on 15 June 2017. And what is Despicable Me, without the quirky yellow Minions? These yellow creatures were such a hit that they even had their own spin-off movie back in 2015.

We have a list of Minions merchandises from all over the world and you can get them delivered right to your doorstep! If you see anything you like, click on the button to post a request.

1. Minions Jail Themed Flavoured Milk Bottle

Minions X GS25 Jail Themed Drinks

(Image source: GS25 Instagram)

Popular convenience store in South Korea, GS25 are selling these adorable looking bottles. The bottles feature 5 different designs based on the different flavours available. And you won’t be able to help but to collect them all!

Designs (from L-R): Chocolate milk | coffee milk | banana milk | strawberry milk | corn milk (Flavours/designs are subject to store availablitiy)

Retailing at ₩1,700 each

Available at GS25 stores in South Korea

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2. Minions Lightning Cable

GS25 Minions Lightning Cable - Stuart and Kevin

(Image source: GS25 Instagram)

GS25 Minions Lightning Cable - Bob

(Image source: Pete_309 Twitter)

While you’re getting those drinks at GS25, why not get yourself a lightning cable too? The cables are available in three different designs featuring your favourite minions, Stuart, Kevin and Bob!

Designs: Stuart | Kevin | Bob

Retailing at ₩12,900 for iPhone | ₩9,900 for Android

Available at GS25 stores in South Korea

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3. Minions 3D Octopus Ornament

Minions 3D Octopus Ornaments - Bob and Stuart

(Image source: Octopus HK)

Hong Kong’s electronic payment card, Octopus released 3 new ornaments featuring Bob and Stuart just a few days ago. These electronic payment ornaments double as cute accesories too!

Designs (from L-R): Bob (for adults) | Stuart (for adults) | Bob (for children)

Retailing at HK$188 each

Available at 7-eleven stores in Hong Kong

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4. StayReal X Minions Collection

STAYREAL X Minion Collection

Taiwan clothing brand, StayReal has an entire collection of bags, hats and t-shirts featuring the characters from Minions! There’s so many items in the collection, but here’s a few that you might like.

STAYREAL X Minions Merchandise T-shirts

Banana!! T-shirt – NT$1,280

Colours: White | Black | Grey

STAYREAL X Minions Collection

Minion Eye T-shirt – NT$1,280 (unisex for adults) | NT$980 (children)

Drawstring bag – NT$1,480

STAYREAL X Minions Collection

(Image sources: StayReal)

Mug – NT$680

Available at StayReal online store and physical stores in Taiwan

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5. Minion Cup and Tic Tac

Minions Cup and Tic Tac

(Image sources: MBO Facebook)

Malaysia cinemas, MBO Cinemas has the perfect popcorn combo for you. The single combo includes a 46oz popcorn, a 22oz Minion cup filled with soft drinks and a limited edition Despicable Me 3 Tic Tac!

Each combo cost RM27 (excludes GST)

Available at MBO cinemas in Malaysia

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