What are we going to do now that Descendants of the Sun has ended? We heard that there will be a three-part special episodes which showcase major scenes, highlights and behind-the-camera videos! In the meantime, we’ve got you SONG fans suffering from withdrawal symptoms covered:


#6 Replay Descendants of the Sun Original SoundTrack (OST)

What do you do when the show completes airing and you’ve already replayed the entire series multiple times? Put the OST on replay. You can either get your playlist on Youtube, Spotify, or buy the original sound track that comes with a photobook. See how we got it from S.Korea

Descendants of the Sun OST
Descendants of the Sun Original Soundtrack with Photobook

Descendants of the Sun OST 2



#5 Go on a date with Wolf & Rabbit Plushie Toys 
Before the male leads got their girls, they were having a date with this pair of toys awarded to them by Lee Kwang Soo’s cameo character. In episode 15,  Kang Mo Yeon also held on to Big Boss’s Wolf plush doll as she reminisces their time together.

The Original plush toys (30cm x 43cm) designed by BONICREW retails for KRW $46,000 (approx SGD $55) per pc without uniform.

[mk_gallery images=”27770,27779,27780,27781″ style=”grid” structure=”row” row=”3″ scroller_dimension=”400″ thumb_style_width=”700″ thumb_style_height=”380″ enable_title=”true” height=”500″ margin_bottom=”20″]

A smaller size, inspired version of the plushies just arrived at Airfrov collection centre from S.Korea, and I find them incredibly cute with their camo soldier uniform on. You can request for travellers to help you bring back the mini pair here; toys only, boys not guaranteed!

Soft Toy from Descendants of the Sun


#4 Attempt the Kang Mo Yeon Makeup look 
If you haven’t noticed, Song Hye-Kyo/Kang Mo Yeon soft lips and bright eyes in the show are courtesy of Korean beauty brand Laneige. Many of us know the two-toned lip bar was used but were unsure of the exact shades. Thankfully, we found the answer we need on Laneige’s FB page. Turns out, she was using different shades in various scenes. Ah, I see what you did there Laneige! 


Although these Two-Toned Lip Bars & Two Tone Shadow Bars are available in Singapore, we have received multiple requests to buy them directly from S.Korea due to the savings we could get. Update: we heard that Juicy Pop is out of stocks, even up till now!
(Singapore $34 per lipstick VS S.Korea KRW $20,000 per lipstick – approx $25)




#3 Play dress up with Kang Mo Yeon’s wardrobe choices 
Like the casual laid back style she wore in Uruk and the sweet office look at work? This website does a pretty good job in deciphering her outfits from each episode. Most of her outfit takes inspiration from this year’s pantone colour of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity, it’s not difficult to replicate!  The iconic casual shoulder bag seen on multiple scenes can be found on Korean’s bag & accessories retailer J.estina.

j.estina eco-bag
Savvy Helo SM Eco Shoulder Bag from J.estina (KRW $148,000) | Get a traveller to bring it back to SG here.

A photo posted by J.ESTINA (@j.estina_official) on


#2 Snuggle up with Yoo Shi Jin’s sweater  
This is for you Song Joong Ki fans. There are other outfit inspirations you can get for your boyfriend to look like Captain Yoo, but this one’s unisex so you can have what Big Boss wore on his day off! Read either as LONELY or LOVELY, the sweatshirt by Nohant retails at KRW $118,o00, and is available in grey & mustard.



Image credits: sweetnara

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#1 Take Selfies at the actual film set 

This depends on how cray you are over DOTS. Although Uruk is a fictional country, we understood that filming took place in Greece & S.Korea.

The cinematic scene with the shipwreck is located at Navagio beach, an isolated sandy cove off the shore of Zakynthos Island and one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Greece. Even before Descendants of the Sun, the area defined by its sheer limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, and clear blue water attracted thousands of tourists yearly.




The military base was filmed at the city of Taebaek in Gangwon Province. Previously built on a set of an old mine, it was torn down after shooting ended. As the drama garnered such huge popularity and demand to visit the same site, the city plans to rebuild it to boost tourism. If I were to make decisions, tourists should receive the same treatment Kang Mo Yeon and team received every morning at Taebaek!

taebaek dots




Although Airfrov can’t bring you to Greece or Taebaek, but we can definitely help you get all the other Descendants of the Sun merchandise from Korea! All you have to do is post up a request, travellers who are visiting Korea will offer to help you! Check out how it works here!