Ever drank more than one cup of coffee to kick-start your day? Feeling bloated from drowning cup after cup just to keep the biological engine running to last through the work day? Or are you a student like me struggling to stay awake during lectures even after countless cups of Kopi-O gao? #FirstWorldProblems #Legit

If your answer is YES to any of the above, you can now Airfrov a solution right at your fingertips!


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Dubbed as “The World’s Strongest Coffee”, Death Wish Coffee claims that their coffee will be the first and last cup of coffee you will ever need to kick-start your work day. A menacing black skull and cross bones for its logo pretty much tell us how bold they are as a brand, right?

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About Death Wish Coffee

When zombie-like working adults in New York started requesting for the strongest coffee, Mike Brown (Owner and Founder) took it upon himself to create the strongest coffee ever to give customers what they want.

They use coffee beans containing close to 200% of the amount of caffeine found in a typical coffee shop coffee blah blah blah …  I shall not flood you with a grandmother story.

Let’s put Death Wish into perspective with your typical Coffee brands in Singapore

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So if you think Starbucks coffee is strong, think again! Data doesn’t lie, just like me. The amount of caffeine in Death wish coffee is sufficient to keep you up all day every day! If Red Bull gives you wings, Death Wish gives you Fighter Jet Engines. 

So Good ah? Where can I get my Death Wish? 

1. Cross the road when the Red Man flashes.

2. Studying for Finals 1 hour before paper

3 hour lunch during work hours

4. The only way to get Death Wish Coffee is via their website.
USD $19.90 (approx S$27) gets you a pound of coffee, and USD $37.99 (approx S$52) gets you 2. Before you scream YES! take note that international shipping will set you back by another USD $24.99. Ouch, that’s almost the price of another pound. 

5. Haven’t you heard about Airfrov? You can request for a traveller to bring back your Death Wish from United States by sharing luggage space. That way, you can save on shipping and buy more caffeine! (Order direct VS using Airfrov: $67-77 VS $40-50)



Be one of the first few smart coffeeholic in Singapore to have coffee on meth Death Wish Coffee, just one cup to last you the whole day!

Be careful what you wish for because it may just come true for you!  

And to my fellow University Students preparing for Finals…

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