Now, don’t go round denying the fact that as unhealthy as it is — instant noodles are, ironically, one of the staple foods that you’re bound to find in every household’s kitchen. For Asian families, at least; we can’t assure that claim for Gordon Ramsey, but take a peek into the cupboards of us commonfolk, and we’ll bet you there will be a stash of instant noodles lying round.

It’s hard to not love them though. That unique umami flavour that’s so… comforting — so much that there are actually blogs dedicated to reviewing different brands of instant noodles. For those who aren’t picky eaters, you’re most likely able to get your fix from the nearest Fairprice. But if you’re a self-proclaimed instant noodle connoisseur and would like something a tad bit ~fancier~, go for the Korean brands. Korean ramyeon has earned itself a spot in the hall of fame for being just so darn tasty. Plus, a multitude of flavours for you to pick from too! Choose your poison — be it the crazy spicy noodles, or a simple kimchi broth, or a hearty beef soup base, you’re most likely able to find something that’ll suit your fancy from the instant noodle aisles in Korea.

Check out some of the nation’s top picks:



We all know of Nong Shim and the brand’s undeniably addictive ramyeon, but those are easily available at your nearest Fairprice. Ready for something a little more… foreign? Get Ansungtangmyun, a sister brand under the Nong Shim empire that serves up ramyeon with broth made from the beef stock from cows in Ansung.



When a brand has been manufacturing instant ramyeon since 1963, and still doing well, you can bet that they have definitely perfected their winning recipe. Their broth made use of chicken stock initially, then changed up to beef to better suit the Korean tastebuds, and now, a unique choice of ham. The soup does taste slightly spicy, just the way the Koreans like it.



Just the name itself is intriguing enough — we’ve yet to find out how exactly does it relate to the actual noodles itself, but that’s a story for another day. Raccoon Udon, as it’s name suggests, has instant “udon” noodles that are slightly thicker and chewier than your usual ramyeon. The broth is natural a meat-base one, and what’s interesting is that the packet actually includes a slice of kelp each that adds a different taste texture to your bowl of noodles.



Once again, another sister brand under Nong Shim, but this time nothing soupy. Instead, Chapegetti has nailed the art of having dry instant noodles in a cup — the famed Korean jjajangmyeon. Instructions are clear on the packs so that you can create your perfect dry instant noodles in no time.





This may be one of the more expensive brands from Nong Shim, but reviewers have ascertained that the ramen is truly hearty and delectable. A spicy broth noodle broth greets you upon completion, and the soup is rich and full on the tastebuds, due to the infused beef stock. You even get little Naruto fishcakes in with your ramyeon!

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