While not all of us can relate to the crazy rich world of Nick Young and Rachel Chu—bedazzled with first class flights, regal mansions, and luxurious fashion—we certainly know how it feels like to be strapped of time.

But Singaporeans are a creative bunch, and the people at Airfrov have noticed a curious trend: of people using our platform to get others to run errands for them. 100 points for creativity! And this got us thinking—could we get people to perform our day jobs for us? (We sure hope our boss doesn’t read this)

Here’re some of these strange requests that Crazy Busy people have been putting up on Airfrov:

1. Shopping

To many, shopping is a form of relaxation and therapy. But for others, they’ll rather have someone else purchase items from supermarkets and other retail stores.

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Domestic peer-to-peer delivery is certainly something you can use Airfrov for. So the next time you’re craving for that elusive cup of bubble tea or salted-egg chips, perhaps Airfrov might come in handy.

2. To become the very best that no one ever was

Nobody said being a Pokemon trainer was going to be easy.

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To be the very, very best, sacrifices need to be made. And some sacrifices can include everything from busting your mobile data, to paying someone else to catch that rare Pokemon that’s only available across the ocean. Forget USDA grade beef from America. $50 can now get you a chunky, rare, exclusive Taurus.

3. Check operating hours

In the era of fake news, you cannot trust everything that you Google. For those skeptics out there who want a more human-touch, get people to find out the information firsthand. Definitely trustworthy and reliable.

And for those information that you cannot Google, try crowdsourcing for information. You can do so for missed connections,

or information so obscure that even the internet does not have the answer to.

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This one below was requested with the following post: “I require information on the name of this hotel! Please only accept my offer if you know the name of this hotel”. And the bounty? $10.

4. Buy food

We are obsessed with food. Many are willing to endure the longest of queue for a piece of that something delicious. But for others that aren’t as willing to spend hours queueing, get someone else to. From bak kwa to lobster nasi lemak, bubble tea to even economical rice (???), the island is your oyster and you can now enjoy whatever you want—even if they aren’t found on food delivery apps.


5. Nifty hands

If you aren’t exactly blessed with hand-eye coordination, then this one is for you. As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes it’s hard to even control a Mario Kart, let alone a real car. And other times, the instructional pamphlet that comes with your IKEA purchase might as well be written in heliographic; it’s simply impossible to decipher.

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So why not get someone more qualified to ease your pain?

And if you really, really want to win a carnival game, put up a request.

This user wrote: “I would like to get one of the largest size Pug angel plush toys (preferably pink) from anyone who can win one at the Prudential Marina Bay carnival :)”.

Those who dare to attempt will be paid $60—you’re literally paid to play.


Well in the world of Crazy Busy Asians, no request is too small or too extravagant.

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Think you might need help? Get our travellers to help you out, in Singapore and from around the world with Airfrov today! You don’t even have to pay for the air tickets! Just sit down in the comfort of your home and get everything you want!

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