Notorious for their variety of unique Kit Kat flavours, Nestl√© Japan’s latest limited edition release might go down as their most unique flavour to date!

Kit Kat Cough Drop Flavour (Kit Kad Nodo Ame Aji) is their latest creation delivering a dose of 2.1% throat lozenge powder in each serving, with the grounded cough drop powder seamlessly integrated into the Kit Kat layers.

(source: rocketnews24)

The packaging may be equally as unusual as the chocolate itself, with a caricature image of well known football/soccer commentator Yasutaro Matsuki.¬†Each Kit Kat box contains three Kit Kats with separate captions of Matsuki yelling a variety of things out. On one wrapper Matsuki yells out “It’s one more point! Another Point!, on another “Kitto Kastu (Surely Win)” and finally the last slogan reading “There’s a battle there that most definitely can’t be lost”.

(source: rocketnews24)

Finally we have now reached the stage where it is absolutely justified to have a Kit Kat when you’re ill with a cough! Take advantage of this scenario and place the Cough Drop Kit Kat right at the top of your shopping list! The limited edition Kit Kat will be released across Japan from the 21st August, and will only be available to buy until 10th September!

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