We’re sure anyone who drinks can agree, warm alcohol is not the best way to have your alcohol. Keeping the bottles cold however, isn’t the easiest task. Putting them back in the fridge after a sip takes way too much effort, while an ice bucket just makes a huge mess. For those who know what we’re talking about; Corkcicle’s products may just solve all your problems.


Corkcicle Products

The Chillsner

They’ve designed an in-bottle, drink through beer chiller (the Chillsner), that promises to keep your beer cold without the fuss. Just drink through the device and get perfectly smooth, chilled beer with every swing. When you’re not drinking, press down on the device and the Chillesner creates an airtight seal to prevent your beer from going stale.


Corkcicle - Chillsner Couple


The Corkcicle One

Prefer wine? Cool down room temperature reds and keep chilled whites cool with the Corkcicle One. Like the Chillsner, Corkcicle One has a pour-through feature and helps aerate your wines to expand their aromatic profile.


Corkcicle One

Corkcicle One 

The Invisiball

If you prefer a mixed drink, the Invisiball would add a touch of class to your glass. While fancy bars try hard to make completely ice for your drink, the Invisiball lets you do it at home with almost no effort! Since there are no air bubbles or impurities in the ice ball, it takes longer to melt so you get a less diluted drink too. You could even add fruits, berries or herbs into the ice for a more atas look.


Corkcicle - Invisiball


The Whiskey Wedge

For the hard drinkers, Corkcicle has designed their Whiskey Wedge to ensure you get the most out of your drink. On top of that, it adds a bit of visual oomph to your glass. Like the Invisiball, it’s incredibly easy to use and the ice melts slower too, so no more diluted drinks!


Corkcicle - Whiskey Wedge

Whiskey Wedge

The Arctican

Don’t drink? The Arctican will not only help you keep your beers chilled for up to 3 hours, it can also chill bottles of soda or juice! Meaning no more sweaty drinks and it’s probably one of the sleekest drink sleeves we’ve seen.


Corkcicle - Arctican


Corkcicle’s Canteens and Tumblers

You could also explore Corkcicle’s range of canteen and tumblers! They promise to keep cold drinks cold for up to a day, and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Now you can have your preferred drinks with you on the go!


Corkcicle - Canteen

Corkcicle Canteens 

Corkcicle - Tumbler

Corkcicle Tumbler

The downside – Corkcicle only ships within the US, so it’s a bit hard to get one here. But it’s not impossible! Just place a request on Airfrov and a traveller in the US can help you get one!


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All Images from: Corkcicle