We are no stranger to the Holiday Nude Collection by Converse released a few months back. With luxurious leather donned in luscious pastel hues, who could resist the chic charm of the UK exclusive collection. Their muted shade might have been the perfect accompaniment to your fall get-up, but Converse has just recently dropped a brand new Spring Blossom Collection.

Converse x Office spring blossom line

(Image: OFFICE)

Featuring the same pastel hues, this new collection turns the saturation up a few notches, making it perfect for our ever-sunny climate. Lend a subtle pop of vibrancy to your everyday look, all while enjoying the brand’s timeless style and functionality.

Designed collaboratively by Converse and OFFICE, the collection feature a contrast pastel colour tab at the back and rose gold eyelets for a premium effect.

With a total of six new colour ways made with premium leather and super soft suedes, deciding which colour to get will probably be much harder than it sounds.

Those looking for something safe can stick to Porpoise Vapour Pink in premium suede leather, rose gold eyelets and pink leather insert on the back. It has none of the brightness associated with its name, but full quiet drama from the gentle pastel blue that exudes all shades of cute. If you’re a strictly black-and-white sneaker head, try the Mouse Vapour Pink. It’s not exactly grey and not full-on pink – striking the perfect balance of cool and warmth.

converse office spring blossom line - 6 new colourways

Others in the collection include the Lilac Mouse and Vapour Pink Mouse, which comes in various shades of pink, making it great to wear on Wednesdays, or any other day. If you’re hoping to keep extend the same nude collection, definitely make space in your shoe closet for the Egret Vapour Pink and Vintage Khaki Vapour Pink. 


As usual, good things don’t come to us easy. This collection is once again a UK exclusive available only through OFFICE stores and their website. If you aren’t planning to head to the UK anytime soon, try getting one of our Airfrov travellers to bring a pair (or more) of this must-have sneaker back.

This collection is running out fast in UK. Try asking a traveller to help you search for it!
Click on “I want it” in the link below to post up a request and our travellers who are heading to UK will offer their help!

(Header image: OFFICE)