Colors by Jennifer Sky has released another Disney collection, and if you’re completely in love with the Beauty and the Beast movie, it’s definitely for you. Colors x Beauty and the Beast features their classic totes, a shoulder bag, a card case and even a wallet.

Colors x Beauty and the Beast Full Collection

Their latest collaboration has you covered whether you’re looking for a cuter bag or something with a touch more class. You can choose from totes decorated with Cogsworth, Lumiere, Chip and Mrs Potts for something more playful. If that’s not your style, check out their Belle and Beast tote for a more elegant look.

Their wallet and card cases however, only feature our favourite household items come to life. But it’s definitely not a kiddy piece! And that’s exactly what we love about Colors by Jennifer sky. They let us bring around our favourite characters while looking stylish!

Colors x Beauty and the Beast Cartoon Bags


Colors x Beauty and the Beast collection will be released in Japan only in end April. But fret not – If this is a complete need for you (it is for us), you can join our Spree here. We’ll be securing stocks for these bags so now you’ll be sure to get your favourite piece!


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Source: @colors_pr