It’s the Chinese New Year season again and we’ve all seen the roosters everywhere in celebration of the latest Zodiac. While many of the seasonal CNY items may be hit or miss, these limited edition lucky charm plush toys from Sanrio and Rilakkuma are way too cute to miss.


Sanrio has come up with two different variations of their plushes. The smaller version of their Chinese New Year plushes feature characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompuri and Cinamoroll peeking out of an adorable rooster costume. While comparatively large for a lucky charm keychain, these seasonal plushes would definitely look lovely hanging in a room or even on a bag.


My Melody and Hello Kitty Mascot Lucky Plush


Their larger plushes feature a larger variety of characters, somewhat resembling a Disney’s ufufy version of themselves, sitting on a cushion. These endearing plushes also come with a tiny bird sitting atop their heads in celebration of the year of the Rooster. Since the bird is removable, this version can be said to be the more versatile of the two.

Pompompuri, Gudetama & Cinamoroll Lucky Charm Plush


Sanrio’s sister company, San-X has also released their own CNY Rilakkuma plushes. Similar to the Sanrio lucky charm plushes, Rilakkuma is seen wearing an adorable rooster cloak, and carrying a chick-shaped sling. The cloak also comes with the most unbearably cute tail for maximum festivity. However, compared to the previous plushes, the Rilakkuma plush is gigantic, which is completely perfect for Rilakkuma or soft toy lovers.

Oversized CNY Rooster Rilakkuma



The downside is that these adorable plush toys seem to only be available in Japan, so it would be incredibly difficult to get one of them unless you were planning a trip to Japan soon. The good news? Airfrov’s probably got travelers who can help!

Just click on the links below to get one of these lovable lucky charm plush toys for yourself!

  1. Hello Kitty Chick Lucky Charm (1,728 Yen) | I want this
  2. Cinamoroll Chick Lucky Charm (1,728 Yen) | I want this!
  3. Pompompuri Chick Lucky Charm (1,728 Yen) | I want this!
  4. My Melody Chick Lucky Charm (1,728 Yen) | I want this!
  5. My Melody Rooster Plush (1,944 Yen) | I want this! 
  6. Hello Kitty Rooster Plush (1,944 Yen) | I want this!
  7. Pompompuri Rooster Plush (1,944 Yen) | I want this!
  8. Gudetama Rooster Plush (1,944 Yen) | I want this!
  9. Cinamoroll Rooster Plush (1,944 Yen) | I want this!
  10. Rilakkuma Oversized New Year’s Plush (18,144 Yen) | I want this!


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