If you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid and love a sparkly set of jewelry, CLUE Korea has got you covered! From rings to bracelets and necklaces, you will definitely be carting out by the end of the post 😉 Don’t miss out now as CLUE Korea is currently having a sale!

“You’re the one that I’ve been looking for” – Prince Eric

1. Sets

Who doesn’t love a pair of matching jewelry? CLUE Korea has 3 sets for us, all fit for a princess.

 Set A includes an Ariel necklace and a pair of starfish earrings: Clue Disney Little Mermaid

 Set B includes a lovely pair of round floral necklace and earrings:

 Clue Disney Little Mermaid

The last set, Set C includes a pearl necklace, dangly pearl earrings and a bracelet:

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

But if you prefer getting a la carte, you don’t have to get the set as they are sold separately!

2. Necklaces

The necklaces can be found in the 3 sets above.

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

3. Earrings

A girl can never have too many earrings! We love how this collaboration has different ranges of earrings, from dangly ones to dainty studs. The set earrings are also included here, totalling 6 pairs of earrings.

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

4. Bracelets

Get 1 of the 4 bracelets available! It will remind you of the calming sea and brighten your day~

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

5. Rings

What?? There are 6 different rings? I want them all 🙁 there are two series, an ariel theme one and a gem one~

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

6. Watches

We love the watches, comes in silver or gold and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

7. Pouch

There are 2 pouches in this collaboration, you can use them to store your make up or use it as a small clutch for a casual day out!

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

The second pouch comes in two colours, pink and purple:

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

8. Wallet Set (Was ₩49,800, now ₩39,900)

The perfect gift, this set comes with a wallet and a necklace! Get it for your bestfriend and you two can twin.

Clue Disney Little Mermaid

We’ve reached the end of the list, you can cart out now and ask our travellers in Korea to get your little mermaid before the sale ends!


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