So, there’s something that has been trending on Airfrov lately. It’s the one thing that most girls will want — something that lets you look 5kg less than you actually weigh. No, it’s not diet pills, not waist trimmers, and absolutely nothing to do with exercise (phew)…

chuu -5kg jeans

We’ll save you the suspense and let you girls in onto our secret now. This mysterious item is actually… a pair of jeans! And the brilliance behind it is something that we’d always wished for in our new year’s resolutions — to look slimmer. Now you can get that ideal weight “loss” without even breaking a sweat, literally!

Introducing: Chuu -5kg Jeans


The Chuu -5kg Jeans saw stellar sales of at least 500,000 pairs worldwide since it’s launch, and when something goes that viral, you know that it’s ought to be good stuff. These jeans are the kinds that you’d want in your wardrobe, in all the many different washes available, for everyday (and I mean everyday) wear.

How it works

Here’s how they work their magic. These Chuu denims have undergone multiple style modifications before finalising on their master pair. The team behind aims to create silhouettes that’ll fit the body shape of their customers perfectly. So no matter your size — the moment you zip up these jeans, they’re going to hug to the natural womanly curves of your body, while emphasising the ahem, parts that should be given slightly more attention to.

chuu -5kg jeans how it works
chuu -5kg jeans how it works

So it’s really natural if you realise that your butt starts looking perkier (like you’ve been religiously doing those burpees), and your thighs a little slimmer (because of those “step ups” that you’ve been practicing lately).

Buy Chuu -5kg jeans vol.80

I told you, you literally don’t have to break a sweat!

chuu - 5kg air long jeans vol99
Chuu -5kg air long jeans vol.99

The skinny fits are stretchy and easier to maneuver in, so you won’t have to worry about feeling stuffy or uncomfortable when wearing them. They are high-waisted too, to give the illusion of a smaller waistline and hence, skinnier you. And on top of that, most of the jeans end at an above-ankle level, so as to not break the silhouette of a cigarette-straight thigh.

Introducing: Chuu -5kg Hobbit Jeans

Chuu -5kg hobbit jeans vol.69
Chuu -5kg Hobbit Jean Vol.69
buy chuu -5kg hobbit vol.69

Petite girls rejoice! The Chuu -5kg jeans has a range of jeans altered to a length that is perfect for you! Dubbed the Hobbit -5kg jeans – yes you read that right – these jeans are a lifesaver to those who otherwise would have to bring their jeans to a tailor.

Chuu -5kg jean hobbit vol.84
Chuu -5kg Hobbit Jena Vol. 84
chuu -5kg jeans vol.78
chuu -5kg jeans vol.78

Mongabong in Chuu -5kg Jeans

Mongchin (@mongabong) agrees that it really does makes your legs slimmer! She personally bought vol.1 and vol.78 on her latest Korea trip!

Chuu -5kg jeans vol.78

Xiaxue in Chuu -5kg Jeans

In Xiaxue’s latest trip to Korea, she bought Chuu -5kg jeans from the Hobbit range. In her instastories, she mentioned that she’s wearing size 26 in the video. Xiaxue commented,”Do I look like I lost 5kg? I don’t think so…but maybe lost 2(kg). Maybe!”

cr. Xiaxue Instagram

And if you’re completely sold on the idea of the Chuu -5kg Jeans, here’s even greater news! You can get your very own pair by just putting up a request on Airfrov. For just $50-60, you’re gonna get heaps of compliments and questions asking “have you lost weight?”. That’s a pretty sweet deal, if you asked me.

Where to get in Singapore?

Chuu is only available exclusively in Korea but Airfrov travellers can help! You can Shop the full Chuu -5KG jeans collection here and request for yours from Korea by getting travellers to help you buy!

Ask Travellers to Help You Buy!

buy Chuu jeans -5kg vol. 49

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How Airfrov Works

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