Always wanted to buy your sporting gear from Lululemon but can’t bear to because it’s too pricey?Whether you’re into Yoga, running, or any other kind of sports, you’d probably understand how important it is to have your workout in comfortable clothes. Clothes that dry quickly will keep you as comfortable as possible through that sweaty workout!

Now, most of us already know of the yoga-inspired athletic apparel company Lululemon Athletica, and the fact that they produce high-quality apparel designed for our different workout purposes. If you’ve been to their physical stores in Singapore, the first price tag that you checked might’ve probably been a major turn off for you. You might have proceeded to check out the prices online, only to discover they aren’t actually that much cheaper (prices are in HKD for the Singapore site). Don’t say we didn’t share, so here’s a tip…
Lululemon is actually much cheaper in Australia!

 Here are some of our favourite picks:

lululemon free to be sports bra

Free To Be Bra

Singapore: 420 HKD (S$78)

Australia: 59 AUD (S$62)

Savings: S$16

lululemon ta ta tamer sports bra

Ta Ta Tamer III

Singapore: HKD 550.00 (S$102

Australia: $69.00 AUD (S$73)

Savings: S$29

lululemon yogi racerback top

Yogi Racerback IV

Singapore: HKD 450.00 (S$84)

Australia: 59AUD (S$62)

Savings: S$18

lululemon high times pants

High Times Pant – FULL-ON LUXTREME

 Singapore: HKD 920.00 (S$171)

Australia: 119 AUD (S$125)

Savings: S$46

lululemon out run short sleeve

Out Run Short Sleeve

Singapore: HKD 650.00 (S$121)

Australia: 79 AUD (S$83)

Savings: S$38

lululemon surge short 7''

Surge Short 7″

Singapore: $69.00 AUD (S$73)

Australia: HKD 650.00 (S$121)

Savings: S$48

Cheaper lululemon - all day duffel

All Day Duffel

Singapore: HKD 1480.00 (S$275)

Australia: 159 AUD (S$167)

Savings: S$108

Convinced yet? You’ll want to check out the “We Made Too Much” section for all the mark-down items. This means even greater savings!

The savings for one piece from Australia may not seem high, but check out these users who purchased multiple items at one go, and saved more than $50!

I know the athlete in you can’t wait to get into these apparels! Check out the other items that are being requested for with the link below!

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