Long before Kate Middleton made the Longchamp Le Pliage the bag of her choice, the French brand had already been included on many a woman’s list of fashion essentials. Functional yet versatile, what’s not to love about this bag?

Unfortunately, not all of us are of royal descent; Not all of us can pay for our Longchamp bags without batting an eyelid. This is why, we love a good bargain even for our luxury bags! To lessen the pinch on your wallet, we did a price comparison to identify the place where you can get the cheapest Longchamp bags!

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Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Medium

cheaper longchamp bag

cheaper longchamp bag

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack


cheaper longchamp bag
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cheaper longchamp bag


Unless you manage to snag a great deal at America’s factory outlet stores, it is now obvious that Longchamp bags are significantly cheaper at France’s retail stores! If you live outside Paris, where the brand originated, there are a few ways you can get your hands on a Longchamp bag:

1) Shop on the official online store and pay exorbitant shipping fees (£9 for orders below £100, and £12 for orders exceeding £100)

2) Wait for your bag of choice to turn up on any discount websites, buy it, and then endure yet another torturously long wait for it to be delivered

3) Go down to any of their boutiques in Singapore, only to
a) find out the design and colour you want is not available or
b) end up paying equally outrageous import taxes

4) Or you can avoid all of these necessary evils and Airfrov it from Paris!


Here’s how you can get your own Longchamp at a fraction of the price – by getting travellers bring them back!

1) Create an account on Airfrov.com and click on “Post Request”
2) Indicate the item you would like to buy, with your “willing to pay” price (include some tips for the traveller’s help) or go to an existing request and click “I want this too”
3) Wait for a traveller to accept/counter- offer your price and you can “accept” when you’re ready to deal
4) Wait for the traveller to return with your items!

Voila! You’re done. Join others who have received their overseas goods, without stepping out of the country.

cheaper longchamp bag; request to buy Longchamp

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cheaper longchamp bag; Request to buy longchamp bag from france