What is Jo Malone?

If you haven’t heard about Jo Malone, don’t worry, you are not alone. Originated from UK, the brand carries an extensive range of exquisite colognes, baths and everything to do with scents! From candles to shampoos, you name it, Jo Malone has it.

The popularity of Jo Malone products could have been boosted by the royals. After it was announced that Kate Middleton used Jo Malone on her wedding day, sales for this luxury perfume brand soared through the roof in UK. Another reason why the Jo Malone brand gained popularity among the British, is likely due to its unisex fragrances. One cologne to be shared between you and your partner? Score! 

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Jo Malone’s colognes range from Citrus, Fruity, Light Floral, Floral, Spicy to Woody. The wide variety of fragrances gives everyone the chance to find the perfect scent, for the perfect occasion.

Here are some of our favourite Jo Malone fragrances:

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom (£86 for 100ml)
This is one of Jo Malone’s latest perfumes, that are specifically curated for the ladies. This new scent includes honey, mimosa, rose, cardamom, sandalwood etc. Users have raved about the sweet, and light scent of this fragrance, making this scent one of the most popular Jo Malone colognes!


Source: Jo Malone 

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin (£86 for 100ml)

One of Jo Malone’s signature fragrance! It was rumoured that this was the scent Kate Middleton wore on her special day. The basil and tinge of white thyme brings an unpredicted twist, a reminiscence of the Caribbean sea.

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Source: Jo Malone



Fragrance Combination

Jo Malone’s loyal fans also swear by the brand’s exclusive Fragrance Combination feature. If you want a unique scent to yourself, you can combine various Jo Malone’s colognes through layering. A tip would be to apply the heavier scent first and then the lighter scent so that the heavier scent will not overpower the lighter scent. For more tips on layering scents, click here!

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How much cheaper is it to buy Jo Malone from UK? 

A standard Jo Malone London cologne in 100ml bottle will cost you SGD$205 in Singapore. The smartest (and most economical) way to get Jo Malone colognes would be to buy them at the UK airport (tax rebates!), where it will cost about £68.80 translating to about SGD$120. That’s a whooping $85 savings!

How to get it if you’re not travelling?

Instead of paying for the outrageously priced plane ticket to U.K., you can tap on the community of Airfrov travellers to get them for you! Just post a request and travellers going to the UK will be notified, should a traveller be able to buy the item for you, he/she will offer to help you!

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(One of the first few Jo Malone colognes that have came through Airfrov!)

If you are ready to own a royalty-approved fragrance, simply go to Airfrov.com to make a request!

Here’s how it works: 
1) Click “I want it too” on any existing request to copy. Specific the scent you would like to have
2) Include a willing to pay price (cost of item + tips to the traveller). Wait for traveller to offer help
3) Place a full deposit if you’re agreeable to traveller’s offer and return date. Your payment will be held securely with Airfrov until traveller returns.
4) Collect your item from Airfrov!

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