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Your one stop Chatuchak market guide

Visiting Bangkok soon? The Chatuchak weekend market should definitely be on your itinerary. You can get almost everything here; clothes, accessories, handicraft and even plants! Spanning over 27 acres of land, this massive market will take you more than a day to conquer, especially if you are going to rest and enjoy their delicious local food. Fret not! Klook has pooled some tips and tricks from their Bangkok regulars to help you! By the time you’ve reached the bottom of the list, you would be mentally counting how much to save for the trip 🙂


Chatuchak opening hours:

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok

Day Opening hours
Friday 6pm to midnight
Weekend 9am to 6pm

The market starts on Friday night, and there’s no better way to kickstart TGIF than with a visit to the market. This helps you escape the notorious Bangkok heat and with any luck, you’ll even enjoy a cool evening breeze while you shop.

However, if you are visiting on a weekend, the best time to go is the morning! The sellers believe that the first sale of the day is good luck, which also means they would be more willing to lower the prices!


How to get to Chatuchak:

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok

Nearest BTS Mo Chit
Nearest MRT Chatuchak Park

We’d definitely recommend heading to Chatuchak via public transport. With everyone heading to the same area for the weekend market, the roads are sure to be congested and the last thing you’d want is to spend your time in the car instead of shopping.

Klook your One-Day BTS Pass or a Rabbit Pass if you’re a frequent traveller to Bangkok to skip the long lines at the ticketing counter. Everyone probably has the same idea of taking public transport so you can expect the ticketing lines at the BTS to be pretty long. Purchasing on Klook allows you to pick up the passes at the airport beforehand so you can dive right into exploring the city.

Check out these other Bangkok essentials you can pick up from the airport via Klook!


Tips for conquering Chatuchak

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok

(Photo Credit: @marcusyong)

• Hydrate – The heat at Chatuchak can be pretty unbearable so don’t forget to keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Otherwise, grab a fresh coconut from the vendors along the street!

• Sunscreen or a giant hat – You can definitely expect to be in the sun a lot especially since some of the stalls are on the main street with little to no shelter.

• Bargain – Be sure to haggle! You might even be able to some items for half the quoted price

• Cash – most stalls only accept cash so be sure you have enough on hand for your shopping haul


Chatuchak Map

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok

With so many different sections in Chatuchak, navigating it might not be the easiest. Here’s a breakdown of the different sections and what they offer.

Section  Type of products
1 Amulets, books, collectibles, food shops, cafes
2 to 4 Collectibles, home decor, paintings
5 to 6 Clothes, adornments, miscellaneous products
7 to 9 Antiques, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts
10 to 24 Clothes, consumer products, adornments, household appliances, pets
17 to 19 Ceramics, fresh and dry food
22 to 26 Antiques, furniture, handicrafts
27 Books, food and desserts, collectibles



Shop till you drop

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok

With so many stalls selling mostly similar items, you might be wondering where to begin. Here are some of our top picks!

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1. Mori Bags*

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok Mori Bags

Mori bags is one of the cult favorites for a few reasons. Putting a new twist on your regular tote bag, there is a whole myriad of designs to pick from! The minimalist marble print, pastel candy tones, bright vibrant tropical hues, you name it, they’ve got it!

P.S. You can even put all your shopping in it while you’re at Chatuchak, reducing the need for plastic bags.


2. Tongkorn Jewelry*

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok Tongkorn Jewelry

Add a pop of cute and color to your outfits with accessories from Tongkorn Jewelry. With adorable plant and animal designs, these hand painted accessories are quirky and unique. Plus, they are made of 24K gold plated brass so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.

Store location: Chatuchak (JJ) market section 4 soi 51/1 no.260


3. Embroiderer Bags*

 Chatuchak Klook Bangkok Embroiderer Bags

If you haven’t already heard, embroidery is all the hype now. Get your hands on these gorgeous embroidered bags from Embroiderer Bags, the perfect compliment to your #OOTDs.

Store location: Chatuchak (JJ) market Section 3 Room.295

4. LineCense*

 Chatuchak Klook Bangkok LINECENSE

Show off your love and get these matchy couple tees from LineCense! Their basic t-shirts are one-of-a-kind pieces that never fail to attract a smile or two. We love that the creative doodles and original illustrations reflect life’s daily moments, turning the mundane into special events of fond memories. It’s especially magical with the couple series.

Store location: LINECENSE Sec 3, between Soi 43 and Soi 44, Room. 164


Feast on street food

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok Food

All that walking is bound to leave you hungry. Fill your bellies with some grilled honey roast pork, Moo Yang, from Moo Yang Nam Peung. These sweet and tender honey roast chops are grilled fresh in front of you and the scent alone is enough to make you drool.
Store location : Section 22, Soi 4/2

We hear the roasted crackling pork and fried chicken wings at Section 19, Soi 7/1 are some of the best in Thailand as well. These are sold by weight so just order a whole bunch and share with the whole gang.

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok Coconut Icecream

If there’s only 1 thing you need to eat at Chatuchak, it’s definitely the coconut ice cream. Soft creamy coconut ice cream served with slices of coconut flesh and 2 toppings of your choice, this is perfect for cooling down after walking through all those lanes of shops. Most stores even give you a complimentary cup of fresh coconut juice.

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok Ice popsicle

These ice popsicles are also great for cooling down! Coming in a huge variety of flavors, our battle strategy is to try a new flavor every time.


Stock up on souvenirs

1. Cha Tru Mue Tea*

 Chatuchak Klook Bangkok Cha Tru Mue Tea

One of our favorite things to drink in Bangkok is Thai milk tea from Cha Tru Mue! While you might not be able to find a store in your home country, the best thing to do is to bring a can or two home. They also have 3 in 1 packs for the ultimate convenience.

P.S These make for great souvenirs to bring back for the colleagues!

2. Thai snacks*

Chatuchak Klook Bangkok Pork floss sticks

If you can’t get enough of the Thai taste, some of the things you have to take home are definitely their interesting snacks. The pork floss sticks and pork floss rice crackers are some of the hot favorites! You can buy them in bulk from Chatuchak and share them with the whole family back home.

This article was originally published on Klook on 30th July 2018.

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